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Hamilton Telecommunications
Brock Wyatt
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Aurora, Nebraska
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"While working with BKD, we have been impressed with their overall knowledge across the board and the depth of their bench. Whether it's tax, audit, accounting, acquisitions, or the SALT group, the breadth of services, expertise, and specialized knowledge have been beneficial and very much appreciated."

"Our company has many different service areas, and every time, BKD knows the answer, or they know someone who knows the answer. The overall level of services and knowledge have been the most beneficial parts of BKD. Their specialized expertise is a huge strength."

"BKD has great communication across all the different groups; it has been easy to converse with them. They are very personable, which isn't the case everywhere. Their expertise and personality have been nice."

"In the beginning of the transition, I feared that switching advisors would be complicated and rough. I worried they would lack industry knowledge, we would be teaching them, there would be a lot of requests, and it would take a lot of additional time and work. But we found that wasn't the case with BKD. My expectations were wrong. BKD blew it out of the water. The planning that we went through helped tremendously as we got into the audit. The great communication and the back-and-forth interaction through that transition phase were helpful and seamless. BKD is knowledgeable and easy to work with."

"As CFO, I want to know how the process is going and if there are issues. The BKD team we work with does a great job communicating with me. They are very open about certain things and we can talk through the overall strategy of the engagement. Whether it be a phone call, text, or email, BKD responds in a timely manner, showing us that we matter to them."

"I believe building our relationship with BKD before making the transition was important. The trusted advisors I work with understand where I am coming from. They understand the seat that I am sitting in. There's a symmetry there that just works."

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