Cook Group Incorporated

Robert L. Santa
Job Title
Vice President, Finance
Organization Location
Bloomington, Indiana
Organization URL

“We chose BKD for our profit sharing plan and health plan audits because the firm has a dedicated team that focuses specifically on audits of benefit plans.”

“BKD advisors bring more experience and knowledge to the table than our previous firm.”

“The world of benefit plans can be a litigious environment, and we want to ensure we are doing the right things. BKD helps us make our plans legally compliant and guides us as we try to do what’s best for our participants.”

“The BKD team helps us resolve issues, tackle challenges and plan ahead to prevent future complications.”

“Our BKD advisors are responsive and excellent at understanding our needs.”

“We’re a privately held company and our salary data is confidential. BKD works with us to accomplish our audits while maintaining our privacy and confidentiality requirements, which may be stricter than those of other businesses.”

“The BKD team works with us to achieve the audit while maintaining confidentiality and without compromising the integrity of the audit process.”

“BKD advisors maintain professionalism, pay attention to detail and have deep industry knowledge."

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