Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative

Johnathon Tuvera
Job Title
Business Manager/Accountant
Organization Location
Bloomfield, Iowa
Organization URL

“We've used BKD for years for our auditing services. One of the greatest things we have there is open communication. It's nice that they have our backs anytime we have a question, even outside our audit season.”

“BKD is technically skilled. They address our questions and help us come up with great, beneficial answers. They are passionate for what they do, and it shows in the service they provide us.”

“If anyone asked me if BKD was a good company to switch to, hands down I would say yes. Even when everything went virtual due to COVID-19, especially with the short time limit we were given to implement everything, our audit was seamless. They have knowledgeable people, great service, and give an overall great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone who asked.”

“My main role is in accounting, so just about every aspect of my job makes its way over to BKD. My manager jokes that BKD's audit is my report card for the year. That rings true, so I have a lot of respect and dependence on some of the recommendations made by BKD. They really do help bridge any gaps that I run into.”

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