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Full-Service Restaurant Group Scales & Saves Time with Outsourced Accounting

What started as a meeting over lunch quickly became the defining moment in the decision of selecting an accounting firm. Blue Noodle was growing and struggling to keep up, so they enlisted the help of BKD.

“In the very beginning of our relationship, we knew that BKD was the right choice. We could clearly see ourselves growing much more by utilizing their services over other CPA and advisory firms. BKD brings so much to the table, much more than we ever thought, which has enabled us to scale, avoid a lot of growing pains, and focus our time and energy in areas of our restaurants and personal lives that we frankly didn’t have the time to before.”

“BKD has been instrumental in streamlining our accounting processes. In fact, this was an area that they proactively brought to our attention. Their insight and innovative solutions in implementing digital accounting tools has not only freed-up valuable time, but our accounting records and financial data are more accurate and readily available than ever before.”

“We are completely confident in the work BKD does for us. They have become a one-stop shop for all of our accounting and tax needs because we trust their expertise fully and feel secure knowing that they have our back. It’s also been tremendously beneficial to have advisors that bring us multiple options, breakdown the strengths and weaknesses of each, and ultimately empower us to make good business decisions.”

“I know we’re better off because of BKD and I highly recommend them to any restaurant or small business.”

By relying on BKD for tax and outsourced accounting services, Blue Noodle was able to scale their restaurants and have confidence that their books were managed by a firm they could trust. No matter the challenge at hand, they can rely on BKD to guide and advise them.

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