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New Employee Q&A: Molly McGee, Audit Associate

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Audit Associate Molly McGee shares her path to BKD and joining full time during COVID-19.

Audit Associate Molly McGee started her career with BKD as an intern in the firm’s Oklahoma City office in 2015. After spending four years working off and on in Delhi, India, she officially joined BKD full time in the Dallas office in September 2020. She currently works on audits for several different industries.

Can you talk about your path to joining BKD full time?

I interned with BKD in the spring of 2015 and then graduated with my master's from Oklahoma State University in 2016. At the time, I wasn’t set on any one path and felt drawn to multiple experiences, so one thing I appreciated during my internship is that I felt comfortable being upfront with BKD about wanting to gain different life experiences before joining full time. They were incredibly supportive of allowing me that experience and the opportunity to come back and work with them after. 

So, I was in India off and on working with a sourcing company for four years. I spent a lot of time learning about the culture, learning the language, and traveling around India. The people are really hospitable and make it easy to learn about the culture and how to navigate life in a foreign country. One of my favorite places to visit was a hill station where you can see the Himalayas.

I came back to the U.S. as a precaution because of COVID-19. I decided I was ready to begin my career in public accounting, reached out to BKD, and accepted an offer to work in the Dallas office.

What interested you about the Dallas location?

I’m from Oklahoma, and going from Delhi to Oklahoma City was a bit of a culture shock. I wanted to be in a bigger city but still close to family. There is so much to do in Dallas, and there are a ton of great Indian restaurants for when I’m missing India!

Molly and a friend enjoy the views from the hill station overlooking the Himalayas.

Molly and a friend enjoy the views from the hill station overlooking the Himalayas.

A night market just down the street from Molly’s apartment in Delhi, India.

A night market just down the street from Molly’s apartment in Delhi, India.

What was your experience of starting a new job during the pandemic?

Starting a new job and doing that all remotely during COVID-19 sounds like there would be a lot of opportunity for a person to feel overwhelmed. I think BKD made the transition easier because they were intentional with allowing new hires to safely come into the office if they were comfortable. It can be easier and more efficient to ask questions in person, and they were able to put precautions in place so we could do that safely. They make sure to connect you with whoever you’ll be working with directly and provide a safe learning environment so you’re not feeling completely overwhelmed as you navigate your new job along with everything else going on around us.

Does any part of BKD’s culture stand out to you so far?

Definitely the value they place on relationships. Every new hire is assigned a coach and a buddy, which has made this last year really enjoyable. Your buddy is just someone in the firm, most likely someone on your team, who is your designated go-to person for questions, information, or support. The firm does a great job of putting processes in place that help make sure you’re getting to know people in the office. There’s just something really helpful about working with other people and knowing there are people who have been in your shoes before and are willing to answer your questions. 

One of the challenges I’ve had so far has been knowing when to ask questions and to accept that I don’t know everything right now, so I spend time trying to figure out the given process or situation. But if I really don’t know something, I know there is someone willing to help me understand the why behind what I’m doing and how that can help me moving forward.

What aspect(s) of your job do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy being able to work on a team, getting to interact with and learn from people who have been with BKD for longer periods of time. I also really enjoy getting to see so many different aspects of the audit. I’m not just stuck in one or two industries, but I’m currently getting a lot of different, valuable experiences.

What are you up to when you’re not working?

I have a niece and nephew who I love to spend time with. My parents have a lake house, so I also love getting together with family and friends at the lake or just being outdoors in general. Going to the gym, going on walks, and going to concerts whenever they come back.

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