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At BKD, we’re focused on sharing big ideas, helpful solutions and timely advice. Whether you’re an aspiring accountant, young professional or established leader, the following tips can help position you for success or refresh your career strategy.

“Learn to be a more effective business advisor […] work to make your knowledge and advice indispensable to your clients. It’s the best way to remain relevant.” 
Ted Dickman, CEO

“Take the opportunity to revisit outstanding goals and to-do lists so you can prioritize and focus your energy as you move forward. Create a plan to address items you’ve been pushing off or haven’t made progress with. These tasks often take up mental capacity, and finally checking them off might even increase productivity or remove inefficiencies.” 
Nick Rivera, Senior Manager

“Run toward challenging tasks, unfamiliar assignments and anything difficult. It’s in these moments that we grow the most.”  
TevinTerel Johnson, Associate

“Even the most perfect people buy pencils with erasers.”
Brandy Shy, Director

 “Take the time to foster meaningful connections, build your network and be a mentor to others. Be open to chances for growth and learning (even if those chances aren’t along the path you thought you’d follow) and nourish a passion or skill that isn’t relevant to your day-to-day efforts. Early in my career and with the help of senior leadership, I was given an opportunity in a different department that I didn’t even know I was interested in. Nine years later, I feel like I’m exactly where I should be, doing something I really love for a firm I believe in.”
Katie Lenz, Campus Recruiting Team Lead

“Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. That’s 21st century literacy.” 
Eric Hansen, COO

“Say ‘yes’ as often as you can—to new opportunities, challenges, time with friends and family, etc. Reserve ‘no’ for things that don’t align with your beliefs or personality, don’t add value to your life or force you to neglect something else that is more important to you. What’s worked for me has been making room for a ‘yes’ by viewing the situation with an abundance philosophy, rather than as a choice between two options.”
Travis Webb, Partner

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Even better, learn from them. Making mistakes is inevitable—but the way you work through them and carry on afterward says a lot about your character and adaptability. Own up to mistakes, correct the situation the best you can and do better moving forward. You’ll build a lot of trust this way.” 
Jerica Newby, Campus Recruiter

“We get caught up trying to enhance our own skills, which is necessary, but the biggest return on investment you can achieve is by investing time in developing others. Set a goal to take someone on and train them to be better than you are. That’s how we’ll grow as a firm and how you’ll grow as a professional.” 
Austin Perkins, Managing Consultant

“Drive forward and over deliver. Take the time to truly understand your professional role and what gives you energy. Draw on that energy to leverage innovation and/or personalization that impacts the workplace or those around you.” 
Matthew Geyer, Campus Recruiter

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