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2019 Innovation of the Year Award

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BKD Cyber professionals recently launched BKD Red Team—a digital attack simulation that can emulate the actions a hacker might take during a cyberattack. In addition to penetration testing, identifying system weaknesses and the actual data that could be compromised, BKD Red Team offers valuable education and training to help improve an organization’s security team and attack response time. Our industry pros use the simulation results in training sessions with the client’s IT security department and also recommend best practices to better safeguard sensitive data and avoid breach expenses.  

Innovation is a vital component across BKD services and industries. Employees of all levels contribute ideas year-round through BKD EDGE, the firm’s innovation program. The Innovation Advancement Committee, Innovation Project Management Office and the Growth and Innovation Governance Committee exist to celebrate and invest in Principled Innovation. BKD congratulates new products and services through the Innovation of the Year Award. This year’s award finalists include partners Joe Vande Bosche, Chris Telli and Rick Wittgren for leading the development of BKD LeaseVision and Partner John Kmetz for leading BKD Financial Performance Insights. 

The 2019 Innovation of the Year Award recipient is BKD Red Team. The team includes Partner Cindy Boyle, Director Rex Johnson, Marketing Senior Associate Alice Harmon, Managing Consultant Dwayne Tucker, Director Charles Laughridge and Innovation Project Manager Mark Solomon. 

“Rex’s enthusiasm and vision for the BKD Red Team service was evident from the moment the idea was submitted. BKD Red Team is already generating revenue for the firm and BKD Edge is honored to have this project selected as the Innovation of the Year winner,” Mark says. 

Having effective cybersecurity controls in place is a crucial practice for protecting an organization’s corporate and customer data. BKD Cyber is proud to provide innovative and up-to-date services to help protect organizations in a world where cyberattacks and cyber risks are becoming increasingly common and severe. 


Most cybersecurity experts agree: It’s not a matter of if you’ll experience a cyber incident, but when. BKD Cyber is your organization’s direct line to peace of mind. 


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