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BKD Celebrates Grand PRIDE Tradition

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2019 award winners take leadership and innovation to the highest level.

"At BKD, PRIDE is everything,” says CEO Ted Dickman. “One of the greatest privileges I have as CEO is recognizing two outstanding BKDers each year who live our PRIDE values to the fullest.”

Since 2003, BKD has annually recognized one partner and one employee for living the firm’s PRIDE values—passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence. Winners are chosen based on employee nominations submitted in the weeks leading up to the event and are recognized during BKD’s annual Leadership Conference.

BKD Leadership Conference 2019

BKD Leadership Conference 2019 took place from July 8–10 in St. Louis, Missouri. The firm’s annual flagship event brings together some of BKD’s highest executives, thought leaders and innovators. Colleagues benefit from attending various general and industry-specific sessions designed to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities to further position themselves as trusted advisors.

There’s no doubt about it—BKD PRIDE runs through the veins of our 2019 recipients, Springfield Partner Eddie Marmouget and Louisville Managing Consultant Austin Perkins, who are both members of BKD National Health Care Group. Eddie and Austin were repeatedly recognized for their compassion, true expertise and excellence in innovation.

Meet the winners through the people who know them best

Eddie served as the national industry partner for BKD National Health Care Group before taking his current role as the practice leader for BKD Health Care Performance Advisory Services (HCPAS). He’s laid significant groundwork for moving BKD forward in the industry and has had a prominent role in developing western Pennsylvania’s hospital practice and expanding BKD’s client base into the northeastern United States.

When first setting out to develop our western Pennsylvania practice, Eddie knew he needed to prove his expertise to be successful.

“He poured over the regulations and consistently researched ways to improve hospital reimbursement,” says Springfield Senior Managing Consultant Roxi Hoel. Soon after gaining the first client, Eddie became a go-to leader for hospitals in the area. “Eddie has been instrumental in bringing in clients for almost every office in the firm—if not all.”

“Eddie’s innovation record is impressive. When he retires, he’ll leave BKD in a much better spot than when he began,” says one colleague, who associates every step of Eddie’s career with two constants—innovation and success.

Austin started with BKD in Louisville’s audit department, where he worked for two and a half years. But when he and his wife Kelsey were expecting their first child, Grayson, Austin needed a position that spent less time traveling, so he switched to consulting. Currently, Austin assists health care providers with reimbursement consulting and revenue solutions, and it’s been the best career move he’s ever made.

Many of Austin’s colleagues regard him as the most tech-savvy BKDer and one of the best teachers in the Louisville office. He’s been nominated for innovation tournaments and has become a resource for the BKD National Office IT department and the Innovation Project Management Office (PMO).

“Austin constantly challenges our approach to delivering services by enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our tools and methods. This skill leads to better realization on projects and leaves our clients impressed,” says Louisville Partner Chris Woosley.

Earlier this year, the Louisville consulting department faced a large Medicare bad debts project with an ambitious time frame for an impact client. Austin delivered the project early and earned the firm an early completion incentive payment. The client was thrilled with the results and now has a three-year engagement with BKD.

“Using technology developed by Austin Perkins, we gained an audience and won the engagement,” says Louisville Managing Partner David Tate. “Austin’s ability to provide a higher level of expertise to our clients is truly unmatched not only at BKD—but any other firm.”

Living the PRIDE day in and day out

Aside from the PRIDE Awards ceremony, Leadership Conference presents the opportunity for BKDers to take a step back from their own work and realize BKD’s accomplishments on a more comprehensive scale.

“It was great to learn about the different things we’re doing in health care instead of focusing on what I do every day,” Austin says. His typical day includes importing data, verifying the data makes sense, running queries and building macros.

“When you’re a data geek and all you do is hang out in the details, it’s important not to miss the big picture,” he says. “That’s been the biggest challenge, making sure to take a step back from doing—to really understand and make sure it makes sense.”

Eddie has faced many challenges throughout his time with BKD, and he navigates them in a way that continues to impress colleagues, who appreciate Eddie’s firm-first thinking while acting in good faith for our clients.

“Eddie has challenged me to grow as a subject matter expert and business developer. He’s one of the foremost experts in understanding client needs, and has joined in many client meetings specifically to advise and navigate difficult situations,” says one colleague.

“When I think about a model BKD partner, I think of Eddie,” says BKD Partner Brian Todd, who has worked with Eddie for almost 19 years. “He leads by example and brings out the best in those around him.”

The five values of PRIDE guide everything we do at BKD, from staff hires and acquiring new firms to promoting new partners and providing Unmatched Client Service®. This year’s PRIDE Award winners display a passion for the firm, our people and clients that’s clear to anyone who has the pleasure of working, meeting or speaking with them.

This year, Eddie and Austin join past recipients on the esteemed PRIDE Wall in BKD’s National Office.

BKD Pride WallBKD Pride Wall

The PRIDE Wall is located at BKD National Office in Springfield, Missouri. The Wall reflects our firm values and recognizes the partners and employees who embody those values. Congratulations, Eddie and Austin!

“I think the PRIDE values are there for the times that we don’t live up to them,” says Eddie. Watch his acceptance speech in full to hear Eddie’s perspective on PRIDE and Unmatched Client Service—and even an inspirational analogy using Patton’s Third Army.

Give Austin’s acceptance speech a listen for insight into the people and qualities that helped get him where he is today, plus a humorous story about his junior year of college that even his father hadn't heard yet.

While no one can possess the PRIDE values in full, Eddie, Austin and all the individuals recognized on the PRIDE Wall serve as firmwide reminders of all that BKD strives to be.

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