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BKDers work hard, play hard and give back.

BKD Life shares the big ideas and exciting stories of our unforgettable people. BKDers aren’t just accountants—we’re nonprofit board members, world travelers, kidney donors and marathon runners. Life at BKD is unique, but the purpose we all hold is the same: provide excellent client service and rewarding career opportunities.

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Share your unique story in one of our upcoming issues.

Share your unique story in one of our upcoming issues.

High Seas Ahead

Get your sea legs ready. This 1970 Prowler isn’t your average pirate ship—it’s a sea-themed glamper. Named after the first female Irish…

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"As you explore the remarkable stories inside BKD Life, I encourage you to reflect on our PRIDE values, which define who we are as a firm and how we want to be perceived by our clients and peers. Passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence is at the heart of everything we do."

CEO Ted Dickman

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2019 Spring Edition

Playing for a Brighter Future

Tennis season never ends for Tracy Young, a partner based out of BKD’s Little Rock office. He hadn’t picked up a racquet in more than 15 years, but that didn’t keep him from contacting a local tennis facility to get involved, after a doctor’s visit…

2019 Spring Edition

Close-Knit Community

BKD has rallied behind the 4RKids Foundation since its founding in 2003. The organization was created by Dr. Barbara Whinery to promote community awareness of individuals with special needs and provide more services and opportunities for those…

2019 Spring Edition

Finding Faith in Israel

When Erie Manager Steve Gresh chose Israel as his next vacation destination, some questioned why he wanted to visit the seemingly volatile region. Television and internet viewers may associate the Middle Eastern country with conflict between…

2019 Spring Edition

Don’t Go It Alone

Director Jackie Nussbaum and Managing Consultant Jen Goins seized the opportunity to lend their expertise after the new Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Group (EAPG) methodology shook up the Medicaid reimbursement process throughout Ohio in 2017.

2018 Winter Edition

Reaching for Excellence

Managing Partner Jack Thurman has been with the firm for nearly 19 years, but his most nerve-wracking presentation didn’t come until about eight weeks ago, to 15 families with a collective net worth of nearly $25 billion. 

2018 Winter Edition

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Antiques and unusual objects, such as hand-cranked telephones and a gorgeous display of swords and spears, decorate the inside of the Colombian home IT Project Manager Robert Escobar and his family would often visit throughout his childhood.

2018 Winter Edition

Batter Up, New York

At 53 years old, Director of Health Care Consulting Adrian Rios faces consistent disbelief when he tells others he plays baseball—and he’s pretty good at it.

2018 Summer Edition

Share Your Great Ideas

BKD is making it easier to transform your innovative ideas into reality—no magic wand required. The firm is committing significant resources and funding to promote new revenue-generating ideas, says Gary Farrar, BKD’s chief innovation and…

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