About SKY

SKY is a firmwide initiative to emphasize and strengthen diversity and promote inclusion. Although SKY initially focuses on gender diversity, our goal is to identify and remove cultural barriers and biases that prevent all BKDers from maximizing their potential. Together, we aim to create an inclusive BKD culture that leverages our differences, while creating a level playing field for everyone.

Through  focused strategies and solutions, we’ll build an inclusive environment where BKDers are empowered and where our unique perspectives are valued. These strategies include three goals:

Enhance BKD’s Inclusive Culture

By celebrating our differences, leveraging our unique talents and developing an awareness of our unconscious biases, we can build the cultural competence to better understand our co-workers and clients. SKY offers a variety of educational programs to build knowledge of diversity and inclusion and direct BKDers’ individual career growth. One example is the SKYx Women’s Conference—a two-day program focused on career education and networking.  

SKYx Highlights


Gaining Ground – A SKYx Editorial



Develop & Grow BKD’s Talented Women

Through inclusive recruiting practices and targeted developmental programs, BKD supports employees’ career growth. Specific programs, such as the Sponsor-Protégé Leadership Program, focus on supporting our talented women as they advance to leadership positions.

Engage Firm Leaders

By collaborating with BKD’s leaders on strategy, we promote greater ownership in building an inclusive culture. In addition, our firm leaders participate in regular programs to build education and promote discussion, while office leaders craft office-specific goals to build inclusive leaders, create action and drive lasting change. 


2017 SKY Impact Report

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