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Hosted Software, Software as a Service (Saas), Cloud Computing

When considering a software solution, organizations increasingly look for flexible and cost-effective ways to run their business. You no longer have to purchase a software solution and install the system on-site. Today’s technological advances allow organizations to access software off-site to save time and costs. A hosted computing service might be an option to help you obtain a competitive advantage.

What Is a Hosted Computing Service?

Also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing or outsourced computing, a hosted service allows your company to access software and store information off-site using a vendor to host your applications. Your solution will be available via the Internet.

A hosted computing service shifts much of the ongoing software management burden from the customer to the solution provider, providing many advantages to the customer:

    • Pay-as-you-go capabilities – Your business pays a monthly fee, allowing your organization to “rent” the solution and turn capital expenses into an expected monthly operating expense.
    • Scalability to fit needs – A hosted solution offers the flexibility to add or decrease users, features, functionality and upgrades on demand to meet current or future business requirements.
    • Global access – Regardless of location or device, your company can connect and respond to clients and prospects wherever Internet access is available.
    • Security and reliability – Hosted solutions typically can provide a more secure environment than normal businesses can afford. Most vendors provide proper password protection, and data access is granted to appropriate users within an organization.

Is a Hosted Offering Right for You?

Hosted solutions are not right for everyone, but there are many advantages to this model. Companies who think this is a great fit share many of the same characteristics:

    • Focused budgets – A desire to control expenditures
    • Rapid deployment – The need for a new solution fast
    • Flexibility – A desire for software that scales to your business needs
    • Less overhead – The need for added benefits of less hardware and staff

The key is to find a solution that fits your requirements. Talk to a BKD Technologies representative about how a hosted solution could fit your organization.

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“BKD's service is second to none. They understand the critical nature of ‘keeping the accounting department running’ and their responsiveness to issues reflects that understanding. Their depth of accounting and software knowledge provides us with the expertise needed to extract every ounce of value from our systems.”

—Laura Snow, Vice President - Finance
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“When we were looking for a firm to help with our SOX compliance, BKD’s industry-specific knowledge and expertise made them the best fit for our firm.  They were able to help us better identify our risks and processes to ensure they were mitigated.  BKD’s understanding of all aspects of our company allowed us to become not only compliant, but more efficient.”

— Chad Braun, Chief Financial Officer
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“When we were looking for a firm to assist with SOX compliance, a colleague highly referred us to BKD.  They were able to help us determine how SOX would affect us and what steps we needed to take in order to be compliant.  We enjoyed working with the personable and knowledgeable staff at BKD throughout the process.”

— Brett Treadwell, Managing Vice President - Finance
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