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InTouch:  Practical Insight for Growing Organizations

Feeling the pain of an outdated on-premises ERP system? Need more internal controls? Lacking a good back-office accounting system? Owners face all of these situations as their businesses grow. We understand. Our advisors can share their technical expertise and insight to help companies like yours.

How a Tech Upgrade Can Transform Your Financial Reporting Process – Scott Brouillette – May 2018

Financial reporting is when accounting evolves from an obligation into an opportunity. Organizations gain clear insights into their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that guide their strategy. Read More

Tech Talk: Are Your Tools Ready to Tackle Change? – Jeff Bruntzel – February 2018

Change is happening, and it’s affecting the long-term care (LTC) and senior living industry in two key ways: Read More

Take the Pain Out of Health Care Financial Systems – Jeff Bruntzel – January 2018

Financial management in health care is a massive undertaking. The challenge is twofold: Health care providers must create repositories of complex, confusing and disorganized data.enters for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Read More

Health Care Finance: Achieving Visibility & Scalability – Jeff Bruntzel – January 2018

The U.S. health care industry is booming right now. Growth is projected at 5.6 percent annually, and the industry’s overall size is expected to reach 20 percent of gross domestic product by 2025, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Read More

How the Three Benefits of Multi-Entity Financial Management in Health Care – Jeff Bruntzel – January 2018

To provide effective, accessible care to patients, health care organizations frequently rely on multiple locations. That creates opportunities to expand services and engineer growth, but it also can complicate management and obscure oversight in damaging ways. Read More

How the Cloud Can Create Unity Within NFPs – BKD Technologies – September 2017

Today’s not-for-profits (NFP) often are spread across multiple departments, projects, sites and funding streams, helping them increase their positive effect. However, it also makes cohesive management a much larger challenge. Read More

Seven Reasons to Move Financial Data to the Cloud – Jeff Bruntzel – July 2017

The financial data discussion has gained activity in recent years. Half the conversation is on this data’s vulnerability to cyberattacks and other instabilities. The other half explains this data’s value in analytics and strategic planning. Read More

Spreadsheet Obstacles – Jeff Bruntzel – July 2017

Spreadsheets are a ubiquitous business tool and key feature of every finance department. But what if these documents actually impede workflows, reduce efficiency and damage productivity? Read More

Outcome Metrics – Measuring What Matters in Not-for-Profits – Jeff Bruntzel – June 2017

Transparency and financial accountability are more important than ever for today’s not-for-profits (NFP). Engaged donors insist on this openness, and long-term funding from grants and foundations often depends on demonstrable program efficacy. Read More

Is NetSuite Sweet for Customers? – Mark Smith – June 2016

Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer at Ventana Research, shares a detailed account of his company’s customer service woes when dealing with cloud-based ERP provider NetSuite. Read More

Company Provisioning Options – Alexander Barbieri – April 2016

When you start looking into Intacct® accounting software, you’ll find there are several types of companies you can requisition. These solutions can range from a company with one reporting currency to a company with multiple unique currencies spanning multiple locations. Read More

Five KPIs That Every CFO, Controller & Finance Manager Should Know – Ricardo de Rojas – December 2015

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to determine how well companies and business units are performing compared to the initial goals and objectives. Read More

Scalability/Flexibility – Ricardo de Rojas – November 2015

Two of the most common meanings associated with the term “cloud computing” is scalability and flexibility. But what does that mean? Read More

Digital Transformation for Mental Health Providers
Presenters:   Patrick Hitchins – July 17, 2018

CPE Credit:  1 CPE credit (Computer Software & Applications)

This webinar will review strategic technology solutions for mental health providers. We’ll review the most common frustrations experienced by mental health providers and discuss how technology can mitigate those issues, including alleviating manual reporting processes, gaining real-time visibility into your organization’s department functions and bringing agility to your organization. Register now

Digital Transformation:  Finding Your Organization’s Digital Path
Presenters:   Christina Phillips – April 10, 2018

CPE Credit:  1 CPE credit (Computer Software & Applications)

Do you have a digital vision for your organization? What does it mean to be digital-first in your business decisions? Join us for an informative webinar discussing how a technology-based mindset can transform your business. Register now

Long-Term Care:  How Accounting & Finance Platforms Have Advanced
Presenters:   Jeff Bruntzel – February 22, 2018

CPE Credit:  None

This webinar will look at true cloud-based accounting and finance platforms and highlight how they can more effectively address day-to-day accounting needs related to integration with other medical/acute-care systems and financial and statistical data reporting. Register now

Consolidating Your Multi-Office Physicians Accounting & Finance Operations
Presenters:   Jeff Bruntzel – February 20, 2018

CPE Credit:  None

This webinar will look at how you can leverage the latest in cloud-based accounting platforms to manage your multi-office physician practice from a finance and accounting perspective. Watch now

Metrics That Matter:  Measuring & Promoting Success with GuideStar
Presenters:   Jeff Bruntzel & Adrian Bordone, GuideStar – August 3, 2017

CPE Credit:  1 CPE credit (Computer Software & Applications)

Join BKD to discuss the not-for-profit (NFP) industry’s use of statistical information to track and measure what matters in GuideStar, including insight into the latest issues and metric implementation. View archive

Benefits of a Cloud ERP System
Presenters:   Ricardo de Rojas – April 12, 2016

CPE Credit:  1 CPE credit (Computer Science)

Join BKD Technologies for this complimentary webinar, which will touch on different cloud computing solutions and demonstrate the potential benefits of a cloud-based ERP system. Watch now

Are You a QuickBooks Graduate?
Presenters:   Ricardo de Rojas – March 29, 2016

Join BKD Technologies for a complimentary webinar to find out what makes Intacct® the best solution for QuickBooks graduates. Watch now

Sage Intacct Resource Videos

Intacct & Not-For-Profit Metrics

Sage Intacct allows not-for-profits to develop metrics using financial data and statistical information to determine how successful they are and whether they’re fulfilling their mission. Watch here

10 Reasons to Move Financial Systems to the Cloud

1. Predictable & Cost Efficient

Cost savings are one of the main reasons companies are migrating to the cloud, so it’s important to understand the implications and benefits of moving in that direction for your company. Watch here

2. No Computing Infrastructure to Maintain

Running your own IT infrastructure creates many costs. The Internet gave people the ability to store and access data in the “cloud,” whenever and wherever they wanted. This concept has grown into today’s cloud-based business model.
Watch here

3. Regular Software Updates

With a cloud-based financial package like Intacct, software updates occur automatically. Speed of implementation, faster delivery of new functionality, reduced ownership cost, increased security and predictability can all add up to a better software solution for your business. Watch here

4. Enhanced Security

Every business today is digital in some way. From data to documents, as your company’s electronic assets increase, so does the importance of protecting those assets. The cloud can help reduce the risk. Watch here

5. Time to Deployment

Time to deployment is one of the major benefits of cloud computing. It increases efficiency because software and services are rapidly deployed and ready for use in a matter of minutes, versus the weeks or months of traditional methods.
Watch here

6. Scalability & Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are two of the most commonly cited advantages of cloud computing. These days—in a competitive global economy—the advantage goes to the organization that can best leverage the latest technology. Cloud computing can help give companies that advantage with its scalability and flexibility. Watch here

7. Reliability & Quality

Cloud-based software requires maintaining only one version, so quality issues are less common than with on-premises applications where the software company must maintain multiple versions. Better quality increases reliability and reduces the down time and frustrations that come with software upgrades, bugs and software implementation inefficiencies.
Watch here

8. Compliance

Today’s businesses must comply with numerous and often confusing regulations. Cloud deployment enables companies to stay current and secure with the latest technology updates. With no on-premises lag time, your teams can use the latest capabilities to help control labor costs, increase productivity and address potential compliance risks. Watch here

9. Increased Business Agility

Business agility—an organization’s ability to adapt rapidly and cost-effectively to changes in the business environment—means enhanced profitability, faster time to market and greater ability to create new programs and products, hire new people and retain people. This is the true value of cloud computing. Watch here

10. Higher End-User Adaptation

If end users can access the programs and data they need anywhere, at any time, from any device, they’ll embrace the new software solution quicker than a traditional on-premises solution. More accessibility leads to higher end-user adaption of new software and processes. It’s just one more great benefit of cloud computing. Watch here

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