BKD Technologies offers dedicated support for Microsoft Dynamics and Sage Software Solutions. We assist clients with software-specific help desk support, on-site visits and a convenient remote service.

Health Care Software Solutions

Today, health care providers face some of their greatest challenges, and finding ways to reduce costs is as important as ever. You need a remedy stronger than the over-the-counter software solutions. You need enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions to help address rising costs, expanding regulations and pressure to improve quality, safety and access. BKD can help. We assist health care organizations in selection, implementation, training and support for ERP and CRM solutions.

Our software solutions fit many health care providers needs:


Hospitals need a single integrated solution to avoid redundant data entry and errors. BKD can help provide up-to-date solutions to help generate better operational, cost management and revenue reports.

Physician Offices

BKD can help alleviate the pain physician offices face in controlling costs and keeping up with regulatory compliance. If you’re dealing with inefficient flow of financial and customer information, we can provide the integrated ERP and CRM solutions you need to grow your business.


You need a software solution with the capabilities to support your operation growth. Empower your health care employees with tools that can help enhance productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.

We provide the following solutions for health care providers:

Our consultants work jointly with BKD National Health Care Group, a team of health care professionals offering the expertise, independence, technical skills and financial knowledge you expect from an advisory firm.

We also work with BKD’s IT Risk Services team to help health care organizations assess patient information needs, select an electronic health records solution and project management assistance.

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“We have worked with BKD for over 10 years. The professionals at BKD are very knowledgeable and experienced in both the IT and accounting fields. The service BKD provides is excellent. I always know that when I need assistance, they are there at a moment’s notice to help provide efficient solutions to my company’s unique accounting software needs. I would highly recommend BKD to anyone.”

— Sean Flaigle, Accountant
Midwest Transplant Network
Westwood, Kansas

“BKD has been my CPA firm since I first started my business in 1989. As we have grown to the fifth largest union fire sprinkler contractor in the United States, with four offices in the Midwest, I have relied on BKD to advise me on how best to manage my balance sheet and to provide guidance on how to continue being profitable.

In addition, BKD continues to provide me with solid team members. In particular, my current BKD partner is someone I would consider a mentor to me in the construction field. Certainly, I appreciate his guidance, but I also find him to be very accessible and highly responsive.

Over the years, I have surrounded myself with a strong team of advisors, including my bank, my bonding company, my insurance company and, of course, BKD as my CPA firm. There is much synergy between these four firms as they each trust the other because of the credibility and reputation they have built in their individual marketplaces.

I honestly believe Dalmatian Fire would not have been as successful without BKD and the strong, construction industry focused partners and managers who are part of our team.”

— Mr. Richard Ackley, President
Dalmatian Fire, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

“We are a heavy highway construction firm that is owned by one of the largest ESOP companies in North America. As such, we need access to specific expertise in two of the more highly specialized areas. With BKD, we have a single source for both areas. BKD provides us in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and also provides support, insight and guidance from the ESOP perspective. BKD’s expertise is highlighted by their knowledgeable, realistic and accessible staff. We are pleased to have BKD as one of our business partners.”

— Rod England, Chief Executive Officer

Scotty ’s Contracting & Stone, LLC
Bowling Green, Kentucky

“As an employee owned specialty contractor, we know the importance of understanding and responding to the unique needs of our customers. BKD has taken the time to learn our company and our business, and provides us with the expertise and personal attention that gives added value to their core services. Their knowledge and experience of ESOPs as well as the construction industry provides us with realistic approaches to complicated problems.”

— Dan Hefferon, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Performance Contracting Group
Lenexa, Kansas

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