What are your dreams for the future? What do you want for your family? What are your goals and aspirations? A secure future? Early retirement? Money for your children's education? Travel? Golf? A new business venture?

BKD's WealthPlan team can help you work toward your goals. Our CPAs, financial planners, investment and insurance advisors and estate planners have the experience and expertise to help you reach your personal and financial goals through an approach called WealthPlan.

WealthPlan is BKD’s family of professional services to help you grow, preserve and protect your wealth. Our integrated suite of services combines advanced techniques and tools in tax, estate, retirement, financial and investment planning with the insight, vision and experience of our wealth advisors.

WealthPlan can be as broad or narrow in scope as you wish. You may want a fully integrated financial plan that covers retirement, estate and tax planning, investment management and risk management. Or you may want something as simple as a tax return, tax projection, budget or personal financial statement. The scope depends on you.

Through your WealthPlan advisor, you will have access to the intellectual capital of a national CPA and advisory firm, BKD, LLP; and BKD Wealth Advisors, LLC, our investment advisory subsidiary registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which provides investment management, personal wealth planning and estate planning solutions.

Other wealth-planning consulting firms typically offer only investment services or only financial plans. The BKD advantage to wealth planning is that we add our CPAs’ tax, accounting and financial problem-solving abilities to the mix. The result is WealthPlan, a full suite of wealth-planning services from a single source:  BKD.

WealthPlan services include:

Personal Wealth Planning

  • Cash-flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Retirement plan distribution analysis
  • IRA and qualified plan consulting
  • Education planning
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Family office services
  • Financial independence analysis
  • Debt refinancing and consolidation analysis

What are your financial goals? Through careful consultation, analytical rigor and market experience, we articulate and frame a complete picture of your current financial resources and goals.

The tax projections, budgets, financial statements, retirement plans and family office services we provide can move you closer to your destination. And where your business interests are closely tied to your family wealth, we may blend corporate and personal financial strategies to leverage the accumulation and transfer of wealth.

Investment Management

  • Risk tolerance determination
  • Investment policy development
  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Performance measurement
  • Financial planning

The investment advisors of BKD Wealth Advisors, LLC work closely with you and your other WealthPlan advisors to develop strategies tailored to your specific investment objectives and risk parameters. We take an active approach to portfolio management and base our investment strategies on disciplined processes with the same degree of integrity you have come to expect from your CPA.

Because a tax advisor is part of your WealthPlan team, we consider the tax implications of investment choices. Wealth Advisors offers an individual portfolio manager program and a broad selection of investment strategies, including individual stocks, mutual funds, taxable and municipal bonds.

Tax Solutions

  • Income tax preparation
  • Income tax projections
  • Tax savings strategies
  • Compliance check-ups
  • Federal and state advocacy
  • Integrated income, investment and estate tax strategies

Because virtually every wealth-planning decision you make has tax implications, strategic tax planning can make a big difference in your final financial affairs.

Our BKD tax advisors go beyond your 1040 return to analyze both current and projected income as well as your plans to transfer wealth. Then we recommend such smart tax tactics as timing income and deductions, obtaining tax-exempt income, using tax-advantaged investments, obtaining capital gains in lieu of ordinary income and using gifts and trusts.

Our forward-looking approach can help you grow and preserve assets; defer income; and reduce taxes on your income, estate, gifts, investments and retirement distributions.

Estate Planning

  • Wealth transfer analysis
  • Estate tax liability analysis and strategies
  • Philanthropic gift strategies
  • Family gifting strategies
  • Document and asset titling reviews in consultation with legal counsel

Too often, families wait until late in life to plan the distribution of their estates. By starting early in life, you can focus first on building an inheritance and later on preserving and protecting the assets you’ve accumulated.

Our WealthPlan tax advisors can help throughout the lifetime estate-planning process. For example, we can help value your assets, discuss trusts, examine the implications of joint ownership and identify an executor. Our advisors also can help with such specific tax issues as the federal estate tax, unified credit for estate and gift taxes, marital deductions and generation-skipping transfers.

Jesse Palmer

Partner & Director of Tax Quality Control

Jesse Palmer

Partner & Director of Tax Quality Control


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