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Comprehensive tax reform appears likely with Republican control in Washington, and proposals put forth by President Trump and House Republicans are expected to heavily influence tax legislation. However, predicting tax reform specifics right now is difficult, as the proposals lack details and have significant differences that will need to be reconciled. Until clearer details emerge, taxpayers and their advisors are faced with uncertainty as they try to plan for 2017 and beyond. BKD’s Tax Reform Resource Center can provide you with more information on the tax reform outlook and help you prepare for how anticipated tax changes may affect you. If you have questions, contact your BKD advisor or BKD’s Partner and Director of Tax Quality Control Jesse Palmer at 417.831.7283 or

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Comparison of Highlights from the Trump & House Republican Proposals

Business Tax Proposals

Trump & Hose Republican Business Tax Proposals

Individual Tax Proposals

Trump & Hose Republican Individual Tax Proposals

Transfer Tax Proposals

Trump & Hose Republican Transfer Tax Proposals

Tax change may impact you, your family and your business. Find out what our industry leaders are watching for and the potential impact with possible tax legislation.

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