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Strategic Planning Services

Whether you want to grow your business or pursue liquidity options, BKD Corporate Finance (BKDCF) can help you develop a course of action to enhance your company’s value. Our professionals have a depth of technical expertise and experience in growth and exit strategies and can help you make the right decision. Our three-phase Strategic Options Analysis can help you assess the financial and strategic opportunities unique to your company.

Phase I – Company-Specific Valuation Dynamics

BKDCF will evaluate your company’s historical and projected financial performance, including key operating metrics trends and the effects of those trends on revenue and expenses. Our professionals also will evaluate potential “recast” adjustments, since many privately held companies have discretionary and nonrecurring costs that result in reduced cash flow. In addition, BKDCF can help your company project financial performance based on your key operating metrics and growth strategies, considering any expected changes within the revenue mix and customer base, operating strategies and expenses, capital expenditures and any potential acquisitions.

Phase II – Market Dynamics

The BKDCF team will research relevant merger and acquisition activity and public company valuations to identify industry-specific value drivers and valuation approaches. The team also will analyze various categories of potential buyers and their ability to impact and accelerate the company’s growth and earnings.

Phase III – Strategic Options

After examining market dynamics and analyzing company-specific value drivers, BKDCF will estimate a market value range for your company. Working closely with BKD’s tax advisors, BKDCF will use the estimated market value range to complete an after-tax proceeds analysis. Our professionals also will assess the pros and cons of your company’s liquidity and succession options, which may include:

  • • Full sale
  • • Majority or minority recapitalization
  • • Management buyout
  • • Dividend recap
  • • Employee stock ownership plan purchase
  • • Growth investment option

The BKDCF team will help you review your options and understand the process for your chosen course of action, which could include simultaneously pursuing multiple options. This approach will help you consider the possible outcomes that meet your goals for a successful transaction. Finally, our team will outline an appropriate execution plan and timeline for moving forward.

Tony Giordano

President & Managing Director, BKD Corporate Finance

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