Strategic Insolvency & Bankruptcy

BKD Forensics & Valuation Services division offers candid, objective analysis and recommendations regarding insolvency or bankruptcy, including services for trustees, debtors, creditors and clients facing potential insolvency issues.

Our credentialed, experienced forensics and bankruptcy professionals include valuation professionals, fraud investigators, forensic accounting experts and specialists in data mining and computer forensics. We can help you investigate claims in bankruptcy and provide objective recommendations and solutions.

Services for Trustees

  • Investigate fraudulent transfers using forensic accounting, computer forensics and data mining techniques
  • Assist in the investigation of fraud and pre-petition dissipation of assets
  • Provide assessment of insolvency allegations
  • Evaluate plans of reorganization and business plans and provide candid and objective feasibility opinions

Services for Debtors

  • Perform business assessment services to help determine the viability and solvency of the debtor
  • Assist in the development and presentation of plans of reorganization, both in and outside of court proceedings
  • Perform valuation, plan fairness and feasibility testimony in conjunction with business restructuring proceedings

Services for Creditors and Creditor Committees

  • Analyze the viability of the debtor following a bankruptcy filing
  • Monitor the operating activities of the debtor-in-possession throughout the reorganization process
  • Evaluate proposed plans of reorganization
  • Analyze transaction history between the debtor and a creditor to evaluate preference actions for recovery of pre-petition payments from a creditor

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Rand Gambrell


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