Multistate Tax Activity Questionnaire

Contact Information
Contact Name:
Company Name:
Web Site:
Sales Force & Agency Information
Does your company...YesStates (if yes)
1. Have employees or agents who install or supervise installation?
2. Have authorized agents to perform warranty repairs on company's behalf?
3. Solicit orders for services, real estate, intangibles or dealer fees through employees?
4. Engage, train or evaluate employees or customers?
5. Have employees or agents who negotiate the purchase of inventory or other supplies?
6. Conduct training courses, seminars or classes?
7. Solicit sales through independent sales representatives, authorized agents or distributors?
Physical Activities
Does your company...YesStates (if yes)
8. Own tooling?
9. Maintain royalty or license agreements?
10. Own or lease an office, store, warehouse, machine, equipment or any other property?
11. Ship catalogs or other advertising materials?
12. Lease tangible or real property to lessees (including related entities)?
13. Maintain inventory (cosigned or public warehouse, carried by sales representatives)?
14. Make delivery of products by company-owned trucks?
15. Have suppliers drop-ship company products?
16. Participate in trade shows?
17. Place advertisement in specific states or state-wide publications (not national) such as phone books
18. Pick up goods in other states?
19. Have other divisional locations?
20. Have partnership interest in entities doing business?
21. Have officers living in states other than primary business?
22. Have other related entity locations?
23. Collect sales/use tax but not remit to state?
24. Collect exemption certificates from customers for exempt sales?
State Registrations
Is your company...YesStates (if yes)
25. Registered to do business in various states?
26. Registered for sales and use tax collection?
27. Registered for payroll taxes, unemployment or worker's compensation?
Has your company...YesStates (if yes)
28. Had an IRS audit in the last three years?
29. Had state audits in the last three years and findings?
30. Received nexus questionnaires from states?
31. Filed income tax returns?
32. Maintained a bank account in other states?
33. Executed contracts in other states?
34. Had legal standing to sue in other states?
35. Maintained "statutory agent"?
36. Had Internet sales?
37. Maintained a web site? If yes, in what state is it hosted?
38. Had any U.S. employees working outside of the U.S.?
39. Had any non-U.S. employees working in the U.S.?
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