Income & Franchise Taxes

Income and franchise taxes have become more dynamic than ever before. Although basic concepts are the same from state to state, interpretations differ greatly. Every state has rules relating to these topics and no two states are the same. Whether you do business in one state or several, you know too well how difficult state income and franchise taxes can be. That means you need an accounting advisor experienced with the various state policies and case laws to know how they affect your business.

We work with you to develop a strategic tax plan that can aid in your company's growth. Our experienced tax professionals have in-depth, working knowledge in the following areas:

That means our advisors take the time to truly understand your business and look for the best approach to structure your business and reduce your tax burden.

Income and franchise taxes can be cumbersome and time consuming for your internal tax team. It doesn’t have to be. To find out how to take advantage of these opportunities for savings, contact a BKD advisor.

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