Going Public

Fast-growing private companies looking to raise capital have more options than ever. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS) has helped relieve some of the burdensome requirements facing smaller companies accessing U.S. capital markets. It’s also made going public more attractive by reducing the associated costs, regulations and disclosures.

In addition, other options provide varying levels of regulatory relief: crowdfunding, a more useful version of Regulation A, generally solicited Regulation D Rule 506 offerings and a smoother path to initial public offering (IPO) registration for emerging growth companies.

If your company is considering going public, you’ll also want to evaluate internal control over financial reporting (ICFR) requirements and forgoing private company accounting alternatives. Let BKD be your trusted advisor and help you explore your best options.

Exploring Raising Capital & Going Public

Planning and preparedness are critical to a successful IPO. BKD regularly assists companies going public. We’re well-versed and experienced with the IPO process, registration statements, comfort letters and the details and nuances of going public.

Going public is one of a company’s most significant and complex transformations. You probably have numerous questions. BKD can address those and help develop an effective plan to meet your objectives. Our process includes:

  • Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of operating as a public company
  • Evaluating other potentially attractive alternatives to an IPO
  • Assessing the ability of your accounting and tax processes, systems and controls to support the transformation to a public company
  • Insights into appropriate corporate governance oversight
  • Long-term planning for ongoing monitoring and reporting compliance with public company rules and regulations
  • Setting a realistic timeline for the IPO process
  • Developing a compelling business plan

Contact us today to start a conversation about raising funds in the public marketplace.

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