German Business Services

Companies looking to expand globally face numerous potential regulatory and compliance issues. BKD knows what you need to know. We help German and other foreign-owned businesses to pursue growth in the U.S. Many inbound clients are based in Europe and have acquired, developed or opened U.S. subsidiaries. We also help outbound U.S. clients seek a “soft landing” in countries such as China, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

What sets the group apart is its significant partner involvement, continuity of staff and a one-stop approach for tax filings and financial reporting, regardless of the number of countries involved. Expertise includes consolidations, inventory systems and developing/monitoring financial and non-financial benchmarks. This requires an extensive understanding of financial reporting and generally accepted accounting principles in each country.

Our services include:

  • Developing tax-efficient acquisition, joint venture & disposition strategies
  • Providing strategies for tax-efficient repatriation of foreign earnings
  • Expatriate tax consulting & advice
  • Foreign tax treaty analysis
  • Transactional taxes
  • Developing effective & operationally sound transfer pricing policies & documentation
  • Researching export tax incentives & viable export plans
  • Audits of financial statements prepared in accordance with local statutory accounting standards or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Jeff Deane

Managing Partner

Jeff Deane

Managing Partner

375 N. Shore Drive, Suite 501
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5866


“The accountants at BKD are most professional and knowledgeable.”

— Elcira Villarreal,
Indianapolis, Indiana

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