Loan Review

Loans comprise the bulk of most financial institutions’ assets, and the quality of your organization’s portfolios, policies and procedures directly impacts the viability of your lending institution. A solid loan review program can help improve profitability by reducing losses attributed to bad loans.

The BKD Loan Review Services Team can help you understand how much risk and inherent loss exists in your loan portfolio. We can help you improve decision making and loan portfolio quality.

Our Loan Review Objectives

  • Assess the repayment risk of selected borrowers
  • Assess the accuracy of loan officers’ assignment of risk grades
  • Provide management with an understanding of the overall quality of the portfolio
  • Make recommendations for improvement

Our Services

  • Complete outsourcing of loan review function
  • Co-sourcing with your bank’s team
  • Due diligence work on acquisitions
  • Special projects on specific areas of portfolio

Credentialed Resources - BKD’s dedicated loan review team is made up of experienced consultants who are former bank examiners, credit officers and commercial lenders.

BKD National Financial Services Group Webinar Series

For additional information, to view the archives or to register for these informative one-hour webinars, please see our Financial Services Webinar page.

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John Bourquard


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