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Exit Strategies

With some business owners, the choice for an exit strategy is as simple as passing on the business to the next generation. Many others face the difficult task of deciding how to exit the business and, just as importantly, who will help through this process.

BKD offers solutions for a wide variety of exit strategies. Whether it is through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) or the sale of all or part of the business to a third party, both BKD, LLP and our corporate finance subsidiary, BKD Corporate Finance, LLC, have full-time professionals dedicated to assisting with this important part of the business cycle.

Our exit strategy solutions include:

Sale of the Business

  • Explore various options, including:
    • Management buyout
    • Recapitalization
    • Third-party sale
  • Provide thorough analysis of the company and the industry
  • Direct effective marketing campaign to generate multiple buyers while maintaining confidentiality
  • Negotiate the structure and major deal points of the transaction
  • Assist client through the entire process


  • Analyze ESOP structure and feasibility
  • Quarterback ESOP transactions
  • Assist with finance negotiations
  • Provide management and employee education
  • Assist with planning recordkeeping
  • Assist with repurchasing liability studies
  • Provide tax and compliance advice

Tony Giordano

President & Managing Director, BKD Corporate Finance

Tony Giordano

President & Managing Director, BKD Corporate Finance

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1801 California Street, Suite 2900
Denver, CO 80202-2606


Keeping the Farm in the Family

Agribusinesses face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to ownership transition and estate planning. Long before one farm family faced retirement, the owners decided to pass their farming corporation intact to future generations of the family.

Working with current and second- generation family members, BKD developed a plan to keep the farm in the family. We did so by:

  • Converting from a C corporation to an S corporation to provide cash flow to the shareholders
  • Structuring a significant tax-free exchange of low-income producing assets to more productive assets
  • Issuing nonvoting common stock to the current stockholders
  • Gifting voting stock to future management and nonvoting stock to others
  • Forming a life insurance trust and purchasing life insurance for estate tax-free cash at death of current generation
  • Providing for a desired income stream to the current and second-generation stockholders
  • Reducing estate taxes at the current owners’ deaths

The result:  a plan that gives both generations the assurance that their goals and objectives have been met

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