Continuous Auditing

Are you looking to incorporate data analytics into your internal audit function or move from data analytics to continuous auditing?

Whether employees are managing fictitious vendors, rounding up their time card or padding their expense accounts or your vendors are overcharging for goods and services, BKD’s data analytics team can help design a program to detect and analyze these activities.

Our Forensics & Valuation Services team is focused on providing unmatched client service in continuous auditing. BKD’s team includes CPAs, Certified Fraud Examiners, ACL certified data analysts and Certified IDEA Data Analysts.

Our approach to continuous auditing encompasses six phases:

graphic 1

If you are ready to take your continuous auditing programs to the next level, BKD’s team can offer insight to help you develop and implement continuous auditing in your organization.

Christie Clements


Christie Clements


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