Digital Forensics

With a state-of-the-art digital forensics lab in Kansas City, Missouri, a highly trained and experienced staff and sophisticated software, BKD’s certified digital forensics professionals make data retrieval affordable. Our data recovery services can help find the “smoking gun” hiding in digital media..

We have some of the nation’s leading experts in retention and preservation of documents and electronic data on our team. Our team members help write national best practices for electronic data discovery and document and data retention.

Let our digital forensics professionals help you:

  • Retrieve deleted data from PCs, servers, cell phones and other handheld devices
  • Identify if proprietary information has been copied or distributed
  • Respond to electronic data production requests from opposing parties
  • Provide expert testimony and consultation related to electronic discovery
  • Serve as court-appointed discovery masters on electronic data issues
  • Perform preservation audits

Our Expertise

Our digital forensics team is not only experienced with desktop systems, we also have the ability to work with embedded systems. Projects include collection of data from the “black box” of a crane, analysis of a hard drive used in a surgical robot and collection and analysis of surveillance video files. Our expertise extends beyond the analysis of Microsoft Windows-based computers; we also have the knowledge to work with both Mac and Linux systems.

Our digital investigation skills go beyond the confines of a hard drive, we can identify, capture, analyze and preserve social networking pages for sites like Facebook and Twitter. This preservation includes capturing all content, including text, images, video and music.

BKD’s reach extends into a large section of the Midwest with offices in Wichita, Oklahoma City, Omaha and St. Louis, to name a few. This provides a quick response and the ability to provide intake facilities at numerous locations.

Angela Morelock

Managing Partner

Angela Morelock

Managing Partner

910 E. St. Louis Street, Suite 200
P.O. Box 1190
Springfield, MO 65801-1190 (65806)


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