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Many surveys show that privately owned businesses view succession and continuity planning as one of their most important issues.

Even so, those same surveys indicate many businesses haven’t developed a formal succession plan. How does one of the most important issues for privately owned businesses fall off the radar? While there are many reasons, two primary factors keep owners and management from developing a successful succession plan: lack of experience and the day-to-day distractions of running a business.

BKDnext® can help you overcome these obstacles and develop a thoughtful and detailed succession and continuity plan aimed at creating financial security for your family, your business and your future. BKDnext Advisors have the training, expertise and knowledge to get you there. Our holistic, process-based approach is sensitive to your busy schedule and seeks to get the most from your time in plan development.


BKDnext is a phased process of discovery, integrated planning and implementation that’s designed to collect all pertinent facts and perspectives, identify and prioritize issues and take appropriate actions.


Through the BKDnext process a BKDnext Advisor can help you develop a custom succession and continuity plan that addresses matters that are the most critical to you. Your plan may incorporate the following solutions.

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After the work you’ve put in building a successful business, you owe it to yourself to work with a qualified and experienced advisor who can help you develop a succession plan to protect and strengthen your most significant financial asset.

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