Credibility, objectivity and insight in financial reporting

Financial analysis is more sophisticated than ever. Users of financial statements demand more predictive information to help with decision making.

Audited financial statements—the centerpiece of BKD’s assurance services—have added benefits for clients far beyond their immediate compliance function. They bring credibility to your financial picture. They communicate information objectively and in a way that makes data easier to find and understand. Beyond these basics, they provide insight so you can improve your business. These benefits also apply to our other assurance services.

We work hard to maintain high standards of professional practice, including a strong system of quality control emphasizing independence and objectivity and includes many control features that exceed our profession’s requirements.

Features of Our Quality Control System

  • BKD is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), which is required in order to serve as an independent auditor of public companies. BKD currently is the auditor of record for more than 60 companies registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • All professional personnel are required to confirm their independence with respect to the firm’s assurance clients annually.
  • The director of accounting and auditing, a partner independent of any client duties, is responsible for overseeing this process and making judgments on application of the independence rules.
  • We have rigid standards for acceptance of new engagements. New engagements that are unusually large or complex require the approval of the managing partner.
  • All assurance engagements are reviewed by a second partner or manager not involved in providing services to the client.
  • We require mandatory consultation with specialists on difficult accounting or auditing issues.
  • An independent CPA firm regularly reviews our work, and we have always received a "clean" opinion in these reviews. BKD, in fact, was represented on the original AICPA quality review committee that developed the national peer review program in the mid-1970s, and our own quality control program dates from 1974.
  • We conduct our own internal peer reviews on a regular basis.
  • Our training programs provide 50 percent more training than required by professional standards.

Assurance Services

BKD's Intranet

One of our tools for providing unmatched client service is BKD KEYnet, our firms intranet. This system connects all BKD personnel throughout the firm to our wide array of tax, audit, consulting and financial management resources. With this connectivity, BKD’s clients benefit from our enhanced ability to share ideas and information.


A commitment to excellence … independence and objectivity … exceeding expectations. At BKD, all of these are essential. That’s why every day you can see our partners and employees “living the PRIDE” through our five core values:  passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence.

Doug Bennett

Partner & National A&A Director

Doug Bennett

Partner & National A&A Director

Financial Services

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