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Warehouse Logistics

BKD understands what’s driving today’s global warehousing industry. Whether your organization is affected by inventory accuracy, redundant processes or labor costs, BKD has the solutions to assist you in operating more efficiently. Our warehouse logistics team can help you avoid financial obstacles through tax, audit and advisory services—all with a highly attentive and interactive style.

How We Can Help

BKD professionals offer warehousing organizations a wide range of services. We can help you:

  • Develop strategies to improve overall operational efficiencies and operating ratios
  • Explore financing alternatives
  • Review tax accounting methods to reduce income taxes
  • Update computer systems without disrupting your business
  • Evaluate state income tax returns to be filed and identify missed tax credits
  • Find potential savings through cost segregation and research and development (R&D) studies
  • Implement the IRS tangible property regulations
  • Design tax-advantaged estate plans to transfer your business to the next generation

BKD Services

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with warehousing clients to develop effective strategies and apply accounting concepts and financial techniques that can help improve profitability. Our clients benefit from timely advice on tax law effects and recommendations to reduce costs, boost productivity and expand operations. We offer:

  • Financial audit and review services
  • Domestic and international tax planning, compliance and audit representation
  • Assistance with merger and acquisition due diligence and issues related to partnership and joint venture taxation
  • R&D calculation and credit assistance
  • Assistance as you consider your work opportunity and location-based tax credit eligibility
  • Budgeting, cash flow analysis, forecasts and projections guidance
  • Data processing methods and systems review
  • Employee benefit plan administration and consulting
  • Business planning services
  • Employee stock ownership plan services
  • Personal financial planning for executives
  • Accounting outsourcing
  • Financing assistance, including proposal packages
  • Closely held stock valuation
  • Intercompany transfer pricing
  • Cost and overhead analysis
  • Organizational and entity structure determination

Other Value-Added Services

  • Income and payroll tax services for employees
  • Fringe benefits, expense reimbursements and allowances
  • Tax compliance and audit representation for various entities, joint ventures and individual and trust shareholders
  • Access to resources and networking opportunities through knowledgeable professionals in the oil and gas and transportation and logistics industries
  • Assistance with merger and acquisition due diligence and issues related to partnership and joint venture taxation

Toug Plilar

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