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Private equity is about the lifecycle of selected investing, portfolio management and successful realization. We understand you want insights to highlight the target company’s strengths, weaknesses, potential risk areas and improvement opportunities to help you manage, operate and sell a successful business. Our middle-market focus centers on leveraging expertise and due diligence to help PE firms make informed decisions, manage uncertainty and create value—through each stage of the investment timeline

Our private equity group’s experience comes from assisting with hundreds of transactions. We can quickly identify and quantify issues and provide meaningful due diligence and transaction solutions, such as business models, cash flow models and working capital engagements.

As part of Praxity, AISBL, a global accounting alliance, BKD has a worldwide transaction reach. Our international tax team combines cross-border transaction experience with local tax knowledge to help you plan and comply with complex international tax rules.

BKD’s broad range of private equity services can help you avoid the confusion and cost of managing multiple sets of advisors.

Our team can provide:

  • Pre-acquisition services—solutions to identify value drivers and exposures, and to structure the transaction to help manage risk
  • Financial due diligence—solutions to help understand a target’s strengths, weaknesses, potential threat areas and improvement opportunities
  • Transaction tax services—tax structuring, federal, state and local tax diligence, and specialty tax services
  • IT due diligence—solutions to assess, integrate or enhance a company’s information technology capabilities
  • Operations due diligence—insights on operational deficiencies, suggestions for improvements and potential ways to reduce costs
  • International tax services—solutions to help avoid pitfalls while seizing foreign opportunities and help with planning and complying with often complex international tax rules
  • Forensics and valuation services—solutions to investigate fraud and address litigation issues
  • Portfolio management—solutions to help transition newly acquired companies to professional ownership and help improve performance
  • Portfolio divestitures—solutions to help prepare the portfolio company for sale
  • IT Risk Services (ITRS)—solutions to help a portfolio company with the development and evaluation of internal controls
  • Assurance – solutions to help to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge
  • Employee benefit plans—design, administration, audit, tax, investment and consulting solutions
  • Corporate finance services—mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts and ESOPs, securing financing and exit strategy planning services

Private Equity Thoughtware

Kidd & Company

“We were looking for a firm that could handle a multiple company integration transaction and were referred to BKD. The BKD transaction services team took time to understand the challenges of the transaction and proactively addressed them to ensure the project went smoothly. We became comfortable with their team and project approach and were truly pleased with the quality of work they produced.”

— Gerry DeBiasi, Partner
Kidd & Company
Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Saw Mill Capital LLC

“In my 21 years of experience, I’ve worked with a lot of accounting firms. BKD distinguishes itself from the others. If they’re involved with a job, I feel confident it will be done right and on time. It’s great working with a firm that makes my job easier, not harder.”

“In most cases, it seemed that other accounting firms I worked with were just waiting to catch a mistake. But BKD stands behind me, working with me, not against me. In the past, when my accounting firm called, I would cringe. When BKD calls, I’m happy to pick up the phone.”

“As the CFO of a private equity firm, there’s not really anyone else in my office who does what I do on a daily basis, so there’s no one to talk through accounting or tax issues with. BKD provides the support I need.”

“I love BKD. I can’t imagine doing my job without them.”

— Blinn Cirella, Chief Financial Officer
Saw Mill Capital LLC
Briarcliff Manor, New York

Stewart Capital Management

“We use BKD for all our due diligence because we can count on them to both help us close good deals and keep us out of bad deals. Even for evaluating an investment opportunity in Mexico, they were able to staff a team of both U.S. and Mexican citizens. Their skill and capabilities rival anyone else’s and we have used all of the big four before we settled in with BKD.”

— Paul Pickard, Managing Director
Stewart Capital Management
Stilwell, Kansas

Dubin Clark & Company

“BKD did a great job with the assignment – coming in on time and on budget with a high quality product.”

— Michael Hompesch, Principal
Dubin Clark & Company
Greenwich, Connecticut

Saw Mill Capital

"The BKD team assists and advises us in many ways—the audit team highlights potential financial control improvements, and the tax team counsels us on complex tax issues.”

“BKD’s client service led us to engage BKD as our transaction advisor for add-ons at portfolio companies. The firm’s transaction services team has worked on four add-on acquisitions, all of which have closed. In one acquisition, BKD provided forensic audit services leading to a better understanding of the actual earnings of the target company, which proved extremely valuable to us during the valuation process.”

“The accessibility we have to the BKD team is extremely important to us, and I enjoy the relationship I have with them. When I need assistance, I go directly to the partner or director.”

— Tim Nelson, Vice President
Saw Mill Capital
Kansas City, Missouri

University of Kansas Hospital Authority

“I am impressed with BKD’s transaction services team, which performed due diligence on a highly complex transaction. When UKHA brought them in, they hit the ground running, put together a great package and ensured a smooth transition in a nearly impossible timeframe.”

— William H. Marting, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
University of Kansas Hospital Authority
Shawnee Mission, Kansas

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