Manufacturing & Distribution Industry Brochure

Operations Consulting

BKD National Manufacturing & Distribution Group can help companies improve their performance. Our operations consultants concentrate on strategy development, operations excellence, organizational improvements and information support systems. BKD can help you with:

Strategy Development

  • Manufacturing
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Supply chain
  • Sourcing
  • Outsourcing
  • Logistics
  • Core competencies
  • Expansion & consolidation


  • Business structure
  • Enterprise design & development
  • Business processes & flow
  • Globalization
  • Merger integration
  • Divestitures

Operations Excellence

  • Manufacturing operations
  • Distribution operations
  • Customer service
  • Customer & supplier integration & performance
  • Total cost structure
  • Working capital
  • Performance measurements
  • Business policies & procedures

Information Support Systems

  • Demand management, communications & forecasting
  • Performance measurements
  • Decision support
  • Enabling tools
  • Fine-tuning current system configuration

John Mather

National Industry Partner

Baldor Electric Company

“I was already very familiar with the R&D credit process and the potential benefits. So it was natural for me, when I learned that Baldor was not pursuing R&D credits, to get a study underway as soon as possible. Many firms would just pass over these potential services as not being worth the effort. BKD did not just focus on low-hanging fruit; the process was very comprehensive and set the building blocks from which to move forward.

To have a great service provider, there has to be chemistry. I practiced public accounting for over 25 years and formed a strong opinion of what a good CPA advisor was. I try to live up to that expectation every day, and I like to work with others who share those same values.

I am a big supporter of BKD; there is no doubt in my mind that BKD can go toe to toe with any of the other accounting firms in the country.”

— George Moschner, Chief Financial Officer
Baldor Electric Company
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Vi-Jon, Inc.

“Prior to coming to BKD, the message from the Big 4 firm was very clear–we were too small and they no longer wanted to serve us. BKD is a lot like Vi-Jon, our relationships are personal. BKD is very responsive and provides proactive advice and assistance we can count on. If I put in a call to someone at BKD, I know I’ll get a call back promptly.”

— Mr. Bob Hess, Chief Financial Officer
Vi-Jon, Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri

Oscar Winski Company, Inc.

“BKD is a good fit for our business. We are very comfortable with our client service team as it is obvious they are not only highly competent with technical issues but also work extremely well with our executive team and staff. We did our homework when it came time to change accounting firms. We were looking for a true advisor, someone who was very interested in our business and helping us meet our goals, as well as a firm that would give us top-notch technical advice. I am very happy to say we have found all of these attributes with BKD..”

— John Gage, Chief Financial Officer
Oscar Winski Company, Inc.
Lafayette, Indiana

Shintech Inc.

"BKD was hired to assist us in our understanding of J-SOX requirements. They work closely with our Japanese counterparts and provide the right level of expertise needed to get the job done. They have definitely exceeded our expectations.

Leveraging BKD’s expertise in our IT compliance efforts has been a step in the right direction as we comply with J-SOX. They have definitely exceeded our expectations.”

— Eleazar Vasquez, Jr., Information Services Administrator
Shintech Inc.
Freeport, Texas

MC Tubular Products, Inc.

“BKD was hired to assist us in our understanding of J-SOX requirements. They exceeded our expectations with their industry knowledge, professional demeanor, and personal responsiveness. I would recommend BKD to anyone considering a change in CPA firms.

BKD provides the best value, with their professional demeanor, personal responsiveness, and industry knowledge. They exceeded our expectations and we would recommend them to anyone considering a change in CPA firms.

BKD provides the best value for the services they deliver. Not only are they professional and friendly, but they provide us with an exceptional level of personal attention and flexibility to meet our needs.”

— B. Wayne Hicks, Vice President
MC Tubular Products, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Dolce International

“While we were never displeased with the services provided by our Big Four auditor, we just did not realize there was a much better alternative available—BKD. BKD took the time to listen to us and understand our operations. Our engagement was planned to allow for a seamless transition, resolution of any complex accounting issues, coordination with other CPAs auditing our subsidiaries abroad and overall reduction of our staff’s time. As BKD promised, the level of partner involvement was much greater than we were accustomed to. In the end, engaging BKD was the best decision we could have made as the results were better than promised and at significantly reduced fees.”

— Louis Parisi, Senior Vice President, Controller & Treasurer
Dolce International
Rockleigh, New Jersey

Westshore Capital Partners

“BKD’s transactional due diligence team exceeded all of our expectations. They performed a complete corporate due diligence review of the target company, which included sales, manufacturing, accounting, information systems, human resources and tax related issues. The target company presented a very challenging situation for everyone, but BKD’s resourcefulness and businessman’s approach in helping us substantiate our original investment thesis was invaluable. I would recommend BKD’s team to anyone who is responsible for operating companies and M&A transactions.”

— David J. Malizia, Managing Partner
Westshore Capital Partners
Tampa, Florida

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