2018 Annual Higher Education Outlook

It’s no secret the higher education industry is at a crossroads. In an era of decreasing state support, aging campus infrastructure and changing student demographics, schools must effectively address these challenges. For some, their very survival may depend on it.

With this landscape as a backdrop, BKD National Higher Education Group presents the 2018 Annual Higher Education Outlook. We explore five important themes in today’s higher education environment:

Our objective is to identify trends and opportunities for improvement in higher ed management. As you read this year’s report, consider where your institution fits within the data. Perhaps there are areas where your school is ahead of the curve and others where you can be inspired to take action.

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Review Raw Data

Use the links below to review the raw data from our surveys used to put together the 2018 Annual Higher Education Outlook.


Labor Costs

Financial & Resources

Facilities & Capital


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