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Managing Reputational Risk

Colleges and universities understand their success is largely dependent on their image in the eye of the public. Recent events have proven that the effects of reputation-damaging events are immeasurable.

IntegraProtect consists of a suite of services that can help institutions identify and manage key risks that can impact their overall reputation. Different applications can be performed individually or collectively, depending upon the concerns of the university board of trustees or management. The applications represent one-off projects—as areas of concern are identified—providing detailed reports outlining applicable trends, risks and control activities. The ultimate goal is for the institution to implement a control framework and establish a formal process to monitor various risks on an ongoing basis.

IntegraProtect isn’t just a suite of services; it can help you establish a culture dedicated to protecting your reputation.

Enterprise Risk

  • Operational risk
  • Align audit & compliance
  • Risk portfolio development

Information Technology

  • Operation & service delivery
  • Project management
  • Value driver

Data Integrity

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Data governance
  • Predictive analytics

Vendor Management

  • Vendor risk
  • Managing relationships
  • Contract compliance

Incident Awareness

Financial Analysis

  • Financial reporting risk
  • Tax implications
  • Budgeting & forecasting

Wally Wetherill

Managing Partner

Mary McKinley


Rachel Dwiggins


Shauna Woody-Coussens

Managing Director

Butler University

“I knew BKD had a focus in organizations like us and felt that we could benefit from their industry experience and technical knowledge. Having an audit can be a necessary evil. If that’s all you get, you’re not getting much value. A lot of firms can do an audit, but BKD brings value.”

— Bruce Arick, Vice President
Butler University
Indianapolis, Indiana

University of Oklahoma Foundation

“…We have been totally pleased with BKD's performance and professionalism. The have done a wonderful job of staffing our engagement with highly skilled and thoroughly accurate professionals. They take a very critical approach to their review, ensuring our financials are accurate and in accordance with accounting principals. I am very happy to recommend BKD as a highly professional and very thorough auditing and tax firm.”

— Ron Winkler, Vice President & Treasurer
University of Oklahoma Foundation
Norman, Oklahoma

Valparaiso University

“With BKD we receive much more focused attention on our audit. With our former Big Four auditor we felt they were tying up a lot of loose ends on other clients’ work. BKD was focused on us and got in and out fast.”

— Dianne M. Woods, Controller
Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana

Trinity International University

"Our relationship with BKD has been excellent. We've enjoyed a consistent team of advisors from year to year who have been very responsive to our needs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend BKD."

— Paul Eisenmenger, Controller
Trinity International University
Deerfield, Illinois

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