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Is your insitution's long-term strategy financially sustainable?

In a recent study, 71 percent of chief business officers (CBO) agreed the industry was in financial trouble. With that concern top of mind, less than half of the CBOs surveyed agreed their institutions would be sustainable over the next 10 years.1

Institutions have historically turned to tuition discounts to help boost revenues, but almost half say their current rate plans are not sustainable. Many are considering and implementing a variety of other options to address revenue shortfalls and improve their outlooks, including mergers, new academic programs, methods to improve student retention, evaluating program profitability and cutting programs and personnel costs.

As you explore ways to find the right financial sustainability formula for your institution, below are a few helpful resources.

1According to the 2017 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Business Officers

Financial Sustainability Trends & Insights

Below are recent articles, webinars and insights on financial sustainability in higher education.

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How BKD Can Help

Margin Analysis

BKD’s Interactive Margin Analysis Tool provides a visual analysis of the financial contribution and margin at various levels of detail for your institution, e.g., school, department, major, class or faculty member.

Financial Modeling

Another step toward financial sustainability—after a careful review of your program costs and margins—is to model the impact of your potential decisions over a five-year period. Using sophisticated modeling tools developed by our experienced higher education professionals, we can help you see the medium- and long-term impact of those decisions.

Case Study:  How Margin Analysis Helped a University

Read how margin analysis gave a university the insight it needed to make some big changes.

Read the Case Study

See a Demo & Brief Overview

Watch this video to see how our margin analysis and financial modeling tools work and how they can help your institution.

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