Strategic Services

Developing effective alignment strategies between a health system and its medical staff is critical to both parties’ short- and long-term success. The momentum of health care and reimbursement reform only intensifies the need to unify physician groups around a common culture and strategy. Keys to success will always include disciplined strategic planning, good governance and fair measurement and accountability.

Managing and coordinating care while balancing outcomes and cost is challenging, and it’s driven by strategic planning and thoughtful alignment tactics. Specific partnering tactics may include provider employment, joint venturing, professional services arrangements or clinical co-management arrangements. Experience shows these efforts are greatly enhanced with appropriate structuring, resource coordination and oversight.

BKD has developed a suite of services to assist our clients with developing, assessing or implementing strategic plans. Specific service offerings within this suite include:

“Vital Signs” Physician Alignment Assessment

This analysis offers rapid feedback regarding the current state of a system’s physician strategic partnering plan, and identifies opportunities and threats for the system in this area.

Physician Alignment Process & Planning

Many systems are reactive in determining where physician alignment resources are best spent. This reactive approach potentially wastes resources on low-impact or low-priority relationships. This analysis assists health systems in developing a strategy for physician alignment and implementing a unified process around affiliation activity.

Compensation Plan Design/Re-engineering

Pay for performance is the future of health care reimbursement and physician compensation. The compensation plan of the future will reduce the direct incentive for productivity with increased emphasis on quality, patient experience and good corporate citizenship. A compensation plan change will need physician input and creative thinking to meet a variety of challenges, including cultural norms and available information infrastructure.

Hospital-Owned Physician Group Strategic Planning & Governance Analysis

The rate of physician acquisition and employment is increasing across the country. This can result in an immature culture around leadership and governance of a hospital-owned physician entity. Strategic planning and good governance are broader than simply establishing a compensation plan. In addition, installing a traditional hospital management structure on top of a composite group of hired and acquired physicians is not the answer to real integration. Sometimes a compensation plan redesign is necessary to achieve integration, but the real issue is often about leadership and governance.

Capitation Readiness Analysis

Outcome-based initiatives and pilot programs associated with health care reform such as accountable care organizations and medical home programs are designed to transfer elements of health insurance risk to the service provider. Capitation-based arrangements are a logical potential future reimbursement methodology that require similar system integration and control needs to these initiatives. Capitation places a premium on well-integrated, efficient care delivery systems across the full continuum of care. Our solution uses experts in several key disciplines, including information technology, hospital and physician operations and insurance claims management, to analyze strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations to improve your readiness to succeed in a capitated environment.

These separate offerings are designed to be tailored into an individualized plan to meet your specific needs.

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Ear, Nose & Throat Associates

“Before we started with BKD, our accounting firm only did our business accounting and personal tax preparation. We needed more than that. We needed advice, recommendations, suggestions, statistical analysis and market evaluation. BKD has been that advisor who brings us new ideas.”

“BKD has been valuable for us not only in the advice, suggestions, and analysis, but also as a resource for our internal staff development. Our BKD advisor may have started as an analyst, but has subsequently become an integral part of our office to where the staff views him as one of our staff members and looks to him for suggestions and guidance.”

— David Stein, M.D., President
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates

Jordan Valley Community Health Center

“BKD was recommended to me 10 years ago as an accounting firm with a specialty niche focused on community health centers. Since that time, I have used BKD at two different facilities for a full range of financial services. Their professionals have provided us with audit, tax, coding and billing and cost report services and have assisted us in operations management and revenue enhancement. Routinely, implementation of their recommendations had a positive influence on the financial outcomes of our program. In addition to their efforts at the individual health centers, BKD is actively involved at both the national and state levels in addressing issues of interest related to health centers and their ongoing fiscal viability. This broad range of experience and knowledge has made them among the best in the industry.”

— Brooks Miller, Executive Director
Jordan Valley Community Health Center
Springfield, Missouri

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