Profitability Services

The professionals of BKD National Health Care Group can identify opportunities to enhance physician profitability. BKD uses an integrated suite of services designed to identify and capture opportunities to incrementally improve physician profitability. Our deliverables focus on installing continuous process improvement concepts for our clients. A key goal of these services is to enhance the understanding and participation of providers in the profitability improvement process to create learning opportunities for providers and reduce disruptions.

Specific service offerings in this suite include:

“Vital Signs” Provider Profitability Analysis

This is a benchmarking of productivity and compensation for providers in electronic format. The analysis will evaluate charges, collections, WRVUs and compensation, as well as the various relationships between data points and each physician provider. Layered on top of this analysis is net profitability, including a high-level analysis of direct costs, overhead and corporate allocations. Benchmarking data shows specific areas of performance for productivity and compensation. Findings will outline results and areas for potential improvement by specialty, location and physician. Data also is supplied electronically for future internal use.

“Vital Signs” Revenue Cycle & Dashboard Analysis

The analysis focuses on key impact areas and provides an assessment of current operations along with recommendations for improvement. Areas of consideration include volume and payor mix analysis, revenue cycle procedures, staffing levels and appropriate reporting by functional area. We will provide a presentation and written report of our findings along with recommendations for potential improvements. Potential outcomes in this area include improved revenue and reporting and increased efficiency.

“Vital Signs” Provider Strategic Reimbursement Analysis

This analysis provides rapid feedback regarding strategic reimbursement opportunities within the structure of your provider operations. This service provides a high-level summary of opportunities that exist to adjust your current structure to achieve enhanced reimbursement.

Physician Profitability Improvement

Health systems hold a significant stake in the profitability of integrated physicians, whether employed or independent. Challenges to physician profitability include health care reform, threatened SGR reimbursement cuts, structural inefficiencies from practice acquisitions and continuing reductions to reimbursements for services provided in a freestanding setting. Through a combination of practice walkthroughs, interviews and benchmarking, our solution draws on our consultants’ breadth of experience to identify underlying issues detrimental to the profitability of your physicians and to propose actionable, real world solutions for improvement.

Physician Services Operational Assessment

Efficient operational processes and staffing protocols are as important to physician services profitability as they are to more traditional health system operations. Our analysis uses a process improvement focus to identify areas of inefficiency within your physician operations.

Physician Business Office Assessment

The business office plays a significant role in a medical group’s financial success. Our analysis focuses on key impact areas and provides an assessment of current operations as well as recommendations for improvement. Areas of consideration include volume and payor mix analysis, revenue cycle procedures, staffing levels and overhead and cost allocations.

Chart Documentation/Billing Assessment & Training

We assist health systems in educating their physicians regarding appropriate billing and coding activities. This can help mitigate fraud and abuse risks while potentially increasing revenue. We can provide in-house charting and coding workshops to educate providers on what CMS reviews when applying scrutiny to physicians, including E/M code utilization, site of service modifiers, multiple procedure disclosure and incident-to and other supervisory rules.

These offerings are designed to be molded into an individual plan to meet your specific needs.

To contact the BKD Physician Services group, please call 855.675.7475 or email

Ear, Nose & Throat Associates

“Before we started with BKD, our accounting firm only did our business accounting and personal tax preparation. We needed more than that. We needed advice, recommendations, suggestions, statistical analysis and market evaluation. BKD has been that advisor who brings us new ideas.”

“BKD has been valuable for us not only in the advice, suggestions, and analysis, but also as a resource for our internal staff development. Our BKD advisor may have started as an analyst, but has subsequently become an integral part of our office to where the staff views him as one of our staff members and looks to him for suggestions and guidance.”

— David Stein, M.D., President
Ear, Nose & Throat Associates

Jordan Valley Community Health Center

“BKD was recommended to me 10 years ago as an accounting firm with a specialty niche focused on community health centers. Since that time, I have used BKD at two different facilities for a full range of financial services. Their professionals have provided us with audit, tax, coding and billing and cost report services and have assisted us in operations management and revenue enhancement. Routinely, implementation of their recommendations had a positive influence on the financial outcomes of our program. In addition to their efforts at the individual health centers, BKD is actively involved at both the national and state levels in addressing issues of interest related to health centers and their ongoing fiscal viability. This broad range of experience and knowledge has made them among the best in the industry.”

— Brooks Miller, Executive Director
Jordan Valley Community Health Center
Springfield, Missouri

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