Physician Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Numerous governmental organizations and politicians have grumbled over the lack of oversight for the EHR incentive payment programs. In light of these issues and others—including the impending end of EHR funding—audit processes already are underway. Eligible physicians (EP) can have several different EHR audits going on at one time depending on what EHR Meaningful Use (MU) program is being attested to. Currently, we’ve only seen EPs subjected to any kind of MU audit for program year 2014, which can be a huge undertaking to handle.

BKD’s EHR services can help EPs through these audits. We understand the aggravation and time consumption these audits can cause and have developed services that can help EPs pass these audits and also keep their incentive payments. We provided consulting and guidance services for her for more than 100 EPs, resulting in roughly $5 million.

Meaningful Use Audit Assistance

  • Failing an MU audit will cause the EPs to pay back, within 30 days, any Medicare or Medicaid incentive payment received for that program year. Failing an MU audit also will cause the MU auditors to automatically audit the subsequent year after the failed program year and all preceding MU attestations. We have helped more than 50 EPs through the MU audit process. This experience lets us help EPs keep their valuable incentive payments and avoid multiple audits. BKD has been successful in developing mitigating strategies and solutions that can help hospitals pass an MU audit. We assist EPs in all stages of the MU process—reviewing MU audit documentation requests, packaging the supporting documentation into the format the MU auditors prefer, assisting with mitigating strategies for answering auditor questions after the supporting documentation has been submitted and helping with the CMS appeals process if the EPs have already received notification of failure.

Meaningful Use Documentation Analysis (MUDA)

  • EPs receiving negative determinations will owe CMS the entire EHR incentive payment for Medicare and/or Medicaid for the program year under audit. Failure on this type of audit due to lack of appropriate documentation can be avoided, which is why BKD provides the MUDA service. One of the main reasons EPs fail MU audits is the difference in thought processes between the information technologists (or EP office managers) gathering the data and auditors or CPAs requesting and reviewing the data. Through our experience assisting EPs through actual MU audits, we’ve developed an understanding of what the MU auditors typically accept for supporting documentation. BKD also can help uncover potential issues that could be corrected before they lead to recoupments.

Medicare & Medicaid Attestation Assistance

  • BKD can guide EPs that have not yet attested to the Medicare or Medicaid EHR incentive programs through the entire process with step-by-step instructions and live online technical support. Our team can assist with subsequent-year attestations throughout both EHR program processes. The EP will know which MU stage it should attest to, when it can attest, what important dates are approaching or what penalties may await.

Great Plains Health Alliance (GPHA)

"BKD has an excellent understanding of our organization, so its advisors are able to bring solutions of which GPHA may not have been aware. Case in point: BKD assisted our hospitals in enrolling in the Medicaid EHR program. The BKD team identified the incentive program, informed and communicated with our hospitals, used cost report data to yield greater savings and completed the project in a timely manner."

— Dave Dellasega, Chief Executive Officer
Great Plains Health Alliance (GPHA)
Wichita, Kansas

Blanchard Valley Health System

“After having a long-term relationship with a Big Four Accounting firm, we had very high expectations for BKD right from the start. I’m happy to say that they’ve exceeded our expectations. BKD’s people from partner to staff are knowledgeable, professional and experienced in serving hospitals of our size and complexity. We have benefited significantly from their industry experience and technical knowledge. As promised, BKD has provided a high level of partner involvement and a consistent team of auditors and advisors who focus on the areas of our business that are material to our financials. They know Health Care and are reliable and responsive to our needs. Engaging BKD was the best decision we could have made. We truly value this relationship and are looking forward to working with BKD for a long time.”

— David Cytlak, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Blanchard Valley Health System
Findlay, Ohio

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