Bundled Payment Models

Is your organization considering or navigating a bundled payment program or commercial contract? Developing a holistic strategy involves engaging and incentivizing key stakeholders, physicians, patients and providers to implement programs designed to drive high-quality, patient-centered care while decreasing cost expenditures.

BKD’s Outcomes Compass is designed to deliver an in-depth analysis of episodic care from a clinical and financial standpoint. It guides decision makers through the critical phases of succeeding at outcomes-based reimbursement.

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Actionable Intelligence

You may be drowning in data, but BKD Big Data & Analytics and BKD health care advisors can take your data from invisible to invaluable. Providing the transformation teams with actionable intelligence can save you time and development costs. Do you know the metrics to monitor?

Engaging Physicians

Physicians are powerful change drivers and—if equipped with data tools and incentivized—play a crucial role in helping hospitals succeed in bundles.

Developing Preferred Provider Network

As hospitals work to improve episodic care, it will become increasingly imperative to identify high-value collaborators willing to engage in improvement initiatives.

Managing Risks

Providers need to understand the amount of risk they’re assuming and where risk exists within their patient population. Data analytics can help drive this process, shining light on where the risk occurs so your organization can deploy countermeasures. Do you have the tools and resources to understand the origin of risk?

Monitoring & Measuring Performance

Because the target defining success constantly moves in an APM, organizations continually need to monitor their results and progress. BKD’s interactive dashboard can provide updated information so you can track your progress and create what-if scenarios to model the potential effect of changes.

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