Clinical & Operational Consulting

As health care providers, clinical and operational excellence is at the heart of what you do. Our professionals have varied backgrounds—including former administrators, directors of nursing and registered nurses—and provide assessments and training to help our clients fulfill their mission.

We can help your organization in the following ways:

Operational Assessments

BKD can assess your current operations—including a review of existing policies, programs, rate structure and available services—through an on-site visit and an environmental assessment of the market. We’ll make recommendations for possible program or revenue enhancements and cost-saving measures, as well as financial ratio targets in collaboration with your management.

BKD employs both qualitative and quantitative research techniques in the collection and analysis of data. This includes staff interviews, data abstraction from extant databases and personal observation. Upon completion, BKD provides specific recommendations in a report that management and board members can use in future planning and decision making.

PPS & MDS Assessments

Our skilled nursing facility (SNF) prospective payments system (PPS) analysis uses information from Medicare cost reports to compare facility-specific data to national averages and industry-best practice benchmarks. Management can use this information to improve operations by identifying enhanced reimbursement opportunities, control costs and concerns relative to possible compliance issues.

Our minimum data set (MDS) operational assessments help identify coding inconsistencies and documentation issues that can result in lost Medicare revenues and expose the facility to certain risks, including Medicare contractor probe reviews, Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audits and other third-party reviews.

Medicare Management Training

Our Medicare certification and management training program was created specifically for the issues SNFs face. Our five-session Medicare training program provides insight on:

  • How to manage Medicare within the guidelines and federal regulations
  • Medicare admission and inquiry processes
  • Part A PPS
  • ICD-10 coding and documentation guidelines
  • Notice of Exclusion of Medicare Benefits (NEMB), Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN), quality assurance and medical review
  • How to complete on-site follow-up program review and training

Bentleys Extended Care & St. Johns Place

“I am the owner of two skilled nursing facilities in an urban market. We had not previously participated in Medicare Part A, and had some anxiety regarding the complicated area of Medicare billing. BKD not only did our clinical and operational training related to the Medicare area, they also did our Medicare Part A and Part B billing for us. We feel this has been a classic win-win in utilizing BKD. I feel I would have had to add at least two people at our facilities in order to do the Medicare billing service. The fact that I am using specialists has not only saved me money, but avoided much frustration. We have been very successful in the Medicare program and are very pleased with BKD’s Medicare SNF billing services.”

— David Bentley, President
Bentleys Extended Care & St. Johns Place
St. Louis, Missouri

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