Medical Billing Services

Many home care agencies look to the expertise of BKD National Health Care Group for assistance in a variety of areas. From accounts receivable recovery to revenue recovery, BKD can offer the necessary insight and training to help your home care or hospice agency meet its strategic goals. We also offer outsourcing services to help you meet your billing needs and let you focus on your daily operations.

Billing Outsourcing

Many home care agencies have turned to BKD National Health Care Group for billing and accounts receivable recovery services. Our home care consultants can help you get back on track and work to improve your cash flow and billing operations.

Inexperienced or improperly trained billing personnel can unwittingly create cash-flow difficulties for your agency through inappropriately suspended, paid or denied claims. Your agency also may face fraud and abuse issues if billing personnel do not understand Medicare complexities and their impact on the billing process. Too often, the mentality is “as long as the claim was paid, I must have billed it okay.”

Today’s increased federal scrutiny of home care billing practices has made this behavior even more unwise. Ignorance of the law is no protection against civil, criminal and administrative penalties.

BKD National Health Care Group consultants can bill your agency’s home health and hospice Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance and private-pay services to the appropriate payers, including insurance co-pay and deductible amounts and individual patients. We also can review supporting documentation and make recommendations to improve your regulatory compliance.

Our expertise allows us to complete the billing process for your agency quickly, which can increase cash flow through fewer suspended claims and faster claims payment. We can maintain the accounts receivable data for each patient and provide you with accurate and current financial logs and agings. Our reports can offer expected dollars and dollars received period to date.

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Turnover in your business office, lack of proper training and failure of business office personnel to follow up on unpaid claims can quickly result in a backlog of outstanding claims. Too often, home care billing personnel do not have the time or the expertise to research and resolve claim problems. Timely filing limitations can turn your unpaid claims into write-offs.

BKD National Health Care Group consultants can help your agency get back on track by helping you:

  • Identify outstanding claims
  • Resolve nonpayment issues
  • Train billing staff to prevent future accounts receivable problems

Revenue Recovery

Since Medicare home health became subject to the prospective payment system, your agency may have unknowingly lost thousands in episode payments due to billing errors and inappropriate payment adjustments. Common errors include incorrect billing of significant change in condition payment adjustments and episodes inappropriately downcoded for low therapy utilization.

With many layers of complexity in the billing process, even a small number of billing errors can result in significant payment losses. BKD National Health Care Group can help your agency recover lost payments through the following services:

  • Identifying incorrectly paid episodes
  • Assisting your staff in correcting payment errors
  • Training your billing and clinical staff to prevent future payment errors

Training & Other Billing Services

Billing Operations Enhancement
Review of billing process to improve cash-flow efficiency and assess state and federal regulatory compliance

Billing Compliance Audits
Identify risk areas in your billing office and clinical records and recommend improvements

Billing Training
Tailored training for billing personnel on basic and advanced billing issues

John Knox Village

“The support staff of BKD provided John Knox Village with tools and training that allowed us to complete the implementation and transition in a timely manner. John Knox Village saw a drastic reduction in the outstanding accounts receivable and in the error rate on claims due to the pre-billing audit tool also provided by BKD."

“Since that time, BKD has continued to provide ongoing training and consultation and still provides monthly assistance in the billing and reporting process. We all really appreciate having BKD associates a phone call away; it is more than your typical client relationship. We highly recommend that if anyone is looking for a home health accounts receivable clean-up or assistance that you look to BKD and their excellent staff.”

— Ken Siverly, Director of Finance
John Knox Village
Lees Summit, Missouri

Howard County Home Health & Hospice

“We’ve worked with BKD for more than 20 years because their people understand the home care industry so thoroughly. BKD not only completes our financial statement audit, but we’ve tapped into a full range of additional services, including clinical and operations consulting, monthly financial statement compilations, tax return preparation, Medicare cost reports, pension plan administration and billing consulting. We are very pleased with BKD’s knowledgeable, professional staff.”

— Serese Wiehardt, RN, BSN, CHCE, Chief Executive Officer
Howard County Home Health & Hospice
Fayette, Missouri

Washington County Public Health & Home

“It is a pleasure working with our advisors at BKD. They exhibit a high level of professionalism and are knowledgeable about many facets of home health. The staff is cooperative in their efforts to fulfill our agency needs. BKD consistently provides excellent feedback and suggestions to help improve and sustain the financial stability of our agency.”

— Peggy Wood, Fiscal Administrator
Washington County Public Health & Home
Washington, Iowa

Excell Home Healthcare, Hospice and Personal Care

“BKD came in initially and helped us improve on the timeliness of our financials and now they perform a wide variety of services for us, including cost reports, clinical consulting tax preparation and financial consulting. The people at BKD are a great asset. Our advisor is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He is accessible and takes the time to teach and advise, showing he really cares about our business.”

— Mina Acquaye, Chief Executive Officer and Administrator
Excell Home Healthcare, Hospice and Personal Care
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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