Municipal & State Government

BKD National Public Sector Group helps many municipal and state governing bodies with fiscal accountability, resource management, performance measurement, budgeting and debt administration issues.

We demonstrate a commitment to governmental audit quality and raise awareness about the importance of such audits by maintaining membership in the American Institute of CPAs’ Governmental Audit Quality Center.

The following solutions can help your governing body determine the most effective way to deliver services while meeting fiduciary and regulatory compliance requirements.

Financial Accountability

Your organization must be financially accountable to the public. That’s why you strive to provide meaningful financial statements and presentations to demonstrate your effectiveness at providing these services. Our assurance advisors can help you:

  • Produce easy-to-interpret board and council monthly reporting packages
  • Implement new accounting standards
  • Educate your governing body about fiduciary and accounting issues
  • Strengthen internal controls
  • Prepare your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Assess processes or operations for effectiveness or efficiency
  • Perform A-133 compliance audits and assist with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 monitoring

Resource Management

We know one of your goals is to effectively deliver services while also meeting fiduciary and regulatory compliance requirements. BKD advisors can help you find new revenue sources and evaluate the costs of existing programs by:

  • Exploring alternative revenue sources
  • Developing cost allocation plans to accurately capture program costs
  • Building a case for indirect cost rate adjustments
  • Analyzing and forecasting cash flows
  • Performing feasibility studies and financial projections
  • Conducting operational reviews of staffing, organizational structure and information flow
  • Estimating the total cost of a particular service or program

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is a useful policymaking and reporting tool that can provide greater detail about your performance than traditional budgets and financial reporting. We can help you improve the reliability and usefulness of this information by:

  • Designing a process for using performance measures to guide management decisions
  • Measuring outcomes to build accountability
  • Analyzing reliability of performance measures
  • Designing reports to communicate outcomes to your constituents


A strong budgeting process is critical to your entity’s success and must address the long-term financial implications of current and proposed policies, programs and assumptions. Our accountants and consultants are experienced with budgeting best practices, including those endorsed by the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting (NACSLB). We can help:

  • Develop realistic budgets
  • Prepare cash flow projections
  • Design a zero-based budgeting process
  • Evaluate the budgeting process
  • Perform gap analysis of NACSLB best practices

Debt Administration

Creative financing solutions, including privatization partnerships, can help create incentives for efficiency, improve customer service, enhance revenues and cut costs. BKD advisors can evaluate and implement successful financing strategies and help you:

  • Identify potential financing alternatives
  • Perform feasibility studies, revenue projections and forecasts
  • Translate complex bond indentures and other similar debt-related documents into practical accounting steps
  • Prepare escrow verifications, arbitrage rebate calculations and other agreed-upon procedures demonstrating compliance with legal requirements
  • Evaluate municipal leasing structures and privatization options
  • Develop, solicit and implement performance-based contracts
  • Manage your payroll


Delivering efficient services and high quality of life while maintaining competitive tax rates can be difficult. Organizations face significant challenges, including increased demand for public services, funding cuts, retiree commitments, health care costs and unfunded infrastructure demands. BKD advisors can help by employing a number of competitive tools, including:

  • Competition, outsourcing, public-private partnerships and government by network
  • Financial incentives for employees and contractors (pay for performance)
  • Changes to consumer incentives to drive efficient behaviors
  • Performance measurement, dashboarding and activity-based costing
  • Use of Big Data and analytics to improve policy and program effectiveness
  • Revisions to labor management strategies
  • Development of organizational infrastructure that can rapidly replicate successful strategies

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City and County of Denver

“BKD's personnel from staff to partner that I've worked with are very professional and consider the operations and timelines of the agency personnel in their planning. They are willing to discuss issues and accounting treatments in an open method while ensuring that the standards are met. The comments and recommendations are helpful and have assisted the city in making improvements.”

— Beth Machann, City Controller
City and County of Denver
Denver, Colorado

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