Independent Grocers

Retailers face a variety of challenges unique to their industry, including thin margins, constant competition for the best pricing and customer experience and national and local competitors. In addition, you work hard for your profits and want to take advantage of tax incentives and credits while remaining compliant.

In this high-pressure environment, you have to be agile to thrive and achieve a competitive edge. Do you receive timely and accurate advice from CPAs and advisors who specialize in serving independent grocers like you? You should.

BKD’s professionals can provide accurate financial information and will work to help reduce your company’s tax burden and improve profitability. We also understand the unique succession issues independent grocers face and can help you identify the right solution for your organization.


BKD works with independent grocers to help them mitigate risk and improve cash flow. Clients can benefit from timely advice regarding the effects of tax laws and recommendations to help reduce costs, improve productivity and expand operations. Other resources we offer include:

  • Domestic tax services
  • Audit & assurance services
  • Commodity hedging analyses
  • Investment & financial planning
  • Forensics services
  • Internal control risk services
  • Corporate finance services
  • Employee benefit plan services
  • Special tax services
  • Succession planning
  • Technology services
  • Strategic planning


You need valuations that comply with accepted standards and may reduce your legal exposure. BKD’s experienced consultants are familiar with valuation methodologies for independent grocers. Depending on the purpose and your objective, a BKD valuation could result in:

  • Favorable tax savings from gifting
  • Relief from worry regarding the value of the company with respect to buy/sell agreements
  • Access to market data information through our analysis
  • The successful sale or purchase of a business
  • Settling a shareholder dispute

Transaction Services

Our transaction services specialists can help you identify opportunities and mitigate risks associated with mergers and acquisitions by providing services such as:

  • Earnings quality & working capital due diligence
  • Data analytics
  • Tax due diligence
  • Transaction structure & tax efficiency planning
  • Closing date working capital validation
  • Sell-side due diligence & transaction preparation

SALT Services

Our State & Local Tax (SALT) Services professionals can help you understand and navigate the challenging tax world and take advantage of:

  • Sales & use tax compliance, including amnesty programs
  • Property taxes & abatements
  • Utility sales tax exemptions
  • State nexus studies
  • Reverse sales tax audits

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