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Profitability Enhancement

Analytical & Planning Services

To help your organization identify ways to enhance profitability, we can:

Asset/Liability Management

Through our asset/liability management services, you can anticipate the impact of financial decisions; stabilize margins; quantify relative risks from different investment, loan and deposit positions; and monitor the volume and mix of rate-sensitive assets and liabilities.


Benchmarking allows your bank to access its current financial performance and focus on strategic opportunities for future performance improvement. It allows you to select “strategic peers” meeting the benchmarking criteria you consider important. For example, you may want to compare your return on equity to that of other institutions with similar growth rates in a two-state area. Or, you may want to compare your portfolio strategies with those of institutions of your asset size throughout the country.

BKD has access to a database of every bank in the country. Using the criteria you select, we can compare and analyze your data with your peers. You can then benchmark your current performance and identify strategies to improve or maintain performance.

Jason Rader

National Industry Partner

Bank of Ann Arbor

“I have found BKD to be very professional, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. Their guidance has been instrumental to our bank and the benefits of their advice go well beyond the initial loan review process.”

— Tim Marshall, President & Chief Executive Officer
Bank of Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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