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De Novo Banks

Running a bank is hard work. Starting a new one doesn’t have to be. BKD National Financial Services Group has the experience to guide you through the intricate process of creating a de novo bank and the resources to make it happen. Let us put our insight to work for you.

Regulatory Approval

BKD can prepare filings with the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies to establish your new bank charter and obtain the required deposit insurance. Our advisors also can assist in creating a comprehensive business plan and related financial projections that create a vision for your new bank.


BKD can assist you in choosing the appropriate structure, including the establishment of a holding company, electing S corporation tax status and other important structuring decisions.


Accurate capital projections and financial data are crucial to a successful de novo bank application. BKD has helped numerous de novo banks prepare the necessary documentation, and we have the insight and experience to help guide you through the process of determining the appropriate level of capital to support your business plan.


Working in conjunction with BKD Technologies, we can help you with your data processing and technology decisions, including computer selection, proof processing, compliance systems, document capturing, network discussions, ATMs and teller machines.

Growth Planning

Using our extensive knowledge of the industry, our consultants have helped hundreds of banks plan for the future. Our advisors know the questions crucial to compiling an effective growth strategy and have the passion to help you take your business to the next level.

Jason Rader

National Industry Partner

Mutual Savings Bank

“During the conversion, BKD’s support and guidance were very much appreciated. Whether it was in the planning process or during the actual conversion—setting up general ledger accounts for the holding company, discussing income tax implications and planning or how to properly work through SEC and other regulatory issues—BKD’s input and assistance were critical to our successful conversion.

As we planned for a possible conversion several years before it actually took place, we engaged the services of BKD as part of the process of getting the bank in the proper position for the conversion from a mutual to a stock bank. Not only did it prove beneficial during the conversion, but even to this day the decision to engage BKD has been a great benefit to this bank.

When a bank considers conversion to a stock bank, it is important to consider accounting and tax related needs after the conversion. Since 2004, we have had many issues come up with which BKD has helped greatly. For this bank, these issues included return of capital considerations, assistance in dealing with ESOP matters, when it is appropriate to file consolidated tax returns (or not) and dealing with issues relating to our decision to deregister from the SEC. Each year the process of preparing the company’s annual report and support in the annual meeting of shareholders goes very smoothly, largely due to BKD’s assistance.

Having engaged BKD for a variety of services gives the board of directors confidence in each of the areas served. Feel free to contact me at any time concerning the value of BKD’s expertise.”

— Robert D. Heuchan, President
Mutual Savings Bank
Franklin, Indiana

The Farmers & Merchants Bank

“I’ve done business with BKD for several years. They have come up with ideas that have helped us save money and with advice that has enabled us to work smarter, not harder, and be more efficient. Their insight has been instrumental in helping us manage the bank and keep us headed in the right direction. I really believe BKD has helped us be a better bank.”

— Charlie Butler, Retired President/Vice Chairman
The Farmers & Merchants Bank
St. Clair, Missouri

Bank of Ann Arbor

“I have found BKD to be very professional, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. Their guidance has been instrumental to our bank and the benefits of their advice go well beyond the initial loan review process.”

— Tim Marshall, President & Chief Executive Officer
Bank of Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan

BancStar, Inc.

“We like BKD because they know financial institutions. They have helped us with a variety of regulatory compliance services and always send well-trained and knowledgeable professionals to our banks.”

— Thomas H. Keiserm, President
BancStar, Inc.
Festus, Missouri

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