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Consumer Finance Consulting Services

BKD’s consumer finance industry expertise can help you stay compliant and avoid risks. Our team serves hundreds of mortgage, auto finance, credit card and debt collection clients nationwide. We understand there’s been unprecedented change in these industries in recent years. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and many other federal and state regulators continue to target consumer finance industries, causing uncertainty and constant change. And, in the mortgage industry, managing government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) requirements amid continuous regulatory scrutiny adds even more complexity.

Managing and mitigating risk is critical for all companies involved in consumer debt lending, servicing and collection. A comprehensive approach to risk management should include a robust compliance management system (CMS) and knowledgeable, experienced and consultative internal audit staff as well as business processes that mitigate risk while driving growth. We can update and train your staff on new developments, co-source with your internal staff or work with you on many of your organization’s regulatory, internal audit and vendor management functions.

Regulatory Compliance Reviews

Many nonbank and traditional financial institutions depend on BKD’s full-time regulatory compliance consultants to provide effective compliance services related to federal lending and consumer financial laws. We understand the additional complexities nearly all mortgage companies face from the need for their business processes and CMS to also account for GSE requirements.

Learn more about our regulatory compliance services.

Internal Audit Services & Operational Reviews

Financial institutions and nonbank financial services companies have experienced significant volatility and increased scrutiny from stakeholders, regulatory agencies and the general public. A laser-focused risk management approach with a robust risk assessment and internal audit process to effectively address operational risks is critical. An operational review or internal audit can help you evaluate whether organizational policies and procedures are consistently followed and identify potential limitations and weaknesses in your control structure as well as increase operational efficiencies. We can provide outsourced or co-sourced internal audit services or specialized services to help.

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Vendor Management Services

In today’s regulatory environment, vendor management remains a hot topic given the potential compliance risks associated with third-party vendors. BKD helps financial institutions and nonbank financial services companies implement, assess and monitor their vendor management programs. Our specialized team includes information technology risk, regulatory compliance, consumer finance and audit professionals to help you address the challenges of managing dynamic and complex vendor relationships.

For more information on how BKD can help, please review our mortgage services solution sheet.

Warehouse Lending Services

The extensive growth of the nonbank lending industry has resulted in increased warehouse lending. It’s critical for warehouse lenders to perform due diligence and ongoing monitoring of their borrowers and originators.

For more information on how BKD can help, please review our mortgage services solution sheet.

For more information on our detailed approach to these services, please review our consumer finance consulting services solution sheet.

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