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Real Estate

BKD works with approximately 2,200 real estate investors, commercial and residential developers, brokers, agencies and property owner associations. Whether you have a single piece of rental property, operate a real estate agency or own vast commercial holdings in several states, our real estate team has the expertise and experience to help you accomplish your goals.

Buying, selling, refinancing and trading: these are the daily activities that contribute to the real estate market’s constant state of flux. Transactions like these require complex financial analyses, flawless timing and extensive knowledge about the rules and regulations governing them. BKD’s real estate consultants can help you with these solutions:

Tax Planning & Preparation

Virtually every transaction will have tax implications. From simple to complex, we can examine the pros and cons of a real estate transaction and help you structure it to mitigate your taxes and liability.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Swapping real estate rather than purchasing and selling property in separate transactions can generate attractive tax benefits. Our consultants can assist you with the complexities of like-kind exchanges to help you defer taxes on the monetary gain and apply the savings toward the new property.

Real Estate Cost Segregation Services

Real estate cost segregation can generate cash tax savings by identifying shorter-lived assets qualifying for 5-, 7- or 15-year write-off periods. These costs are typically imbedded in a building’s construction or acquisitions costs and depreciated over 27.5 or 39 years.

BKD uses an engineering and cost-estimating approach recognized by the Internal Revenue Services and by the courts to identify assets to reclassify for shorter depreciation lives. The result can lower the after-tax cost of owning real estate. Learn More

Tax Credits

Some transactions will qualify for state and federal tax credits. You can benefit from our experience with low-income housing credits, rehabilitation credits and other potential tax credits.


From credits and incentives to local income taxes, real estate developers face a number of state and local tax issues, especially when looking to expand their operations across state lines.

The advisors of BKD State and Local Tax (SALT) division can help you address these issues and others by offering a range of services including state tax audit assistance, nexus studies and planning, compliance assistance and more.

Choice-of-Entity Planning

When you form a new business, we can help you determine the most advantageous structure. C corporation, S corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, partnership and sole proprietorship structures all have different tax and liability issues that must be considered when structuring your business.


Whether internal or external financing, or a combination of both, BKD can help you put together a plan that works. Our services include identifying financing sources, preparing loan applications and assisting with negotiations.

Financial Statements

To see if your costs are in line with similar businesses in the region, we can analyze your financial statements. Based on our experience and knowledge of industry standards, we may recommend ways to help you control costs.

Accounting Outsourcing Services

BKD’s accounting outsourcing department works with residential and commercial builders, rental property owners, property owner associations and other real estate businesses. We can serve as your bookkeeper, prepare financial statements, maintain depreciation schedules, keep payroll records, prepare tax returns and offer many other accounting services. Learn More

Operations Improvement

In today's highly competitive market, productivity and efficiency contribute as much to business success as the quality and quantity of deals closed. Profits erode quickly because of poor business processes. Whether your business is just starting up or has been around for years, BKD's real estate professionals help you improve your business processes for efficiency and quality through operational reviews, lease reviews and strategic/business planning advisory solutions.

Project Completion Support

No investment is without risk, especially real estate. Proper preparation and quality assistance help you make the right decisions at the right time, reduce risks and enhance returns. BKD's real estate professionals guide you through the entire investment process—providing you with the resources to effectively and efficiently "close the deal."

Contracts & Negotiations

We can review your partnership agreements, assist with negotiations, and analyze the tax considerations that may affect personal, partnership, and corporate tax returns.

Internal Controls

Do you have business office procedures in place that hinder theft? We can conduct an internal controls review to help determine weaknesses or inefficiencies in your procedures. We also write procedure manuals to help businesses manage the financial aspects of their properties.

Computer Services

BKD Technologies can help you select a computer system, evaluate real estate accounting and property management software, assist with systems implementation, train your staff and provide ongoing software support. You can benefit from our many years of experience evaluating and recommending software for the real estate industry.Learn More

Tim Wilson

National Industry Partner

John Steffes


Miller Commerce LLC

“The business of real estate becomes complex with historic tax credits, tax abatements, TIFs and environmental credits, so we truly lean on BKD’s consultants for their depth of knowledge. The firm’s real estate team has the expertise to help our company reach its goals, and there is comfort knowing we can depend on BKD to help us look smart and grow wisely.

The lending environment has changed, and every deal is being heavily scrutinized, so we need BKD’s expertise more than ever before. Now, I’m actually taking my BKD real estate partner with me into the bank for deals. It’s one example of how the firm consistently delivers unmatched client service.

As we have entered into a more difficult real estate environment, I’m thankful for the long-term relationship our company has with BKD. We trust the partners and the staff. They are dependable and accurate, and their exceptional service gives our business a competitive advantage in the market.”

— Matt Miller, Owner
Miller Commerce LLC
Springfield, Missouri

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