Construction & Real Estate Industry Brochure

Architecture & Engineering

The advisors of BKD National Construction & Real Estate Group understand the key role architecture and engineering firms play in project conception and execution. Our knowledge of your business—from designing to building—lets us help you implement critical strategies and develop tax solutions that align with your goals, all presented with a highly personal and interactive style of business.

Tax Services

Reducing your tax exposure makes good business sense. Our tax advisors deliver creative tax strategies designed to take advantage of benefits within the tax law. BKD provides wide-ranging tax planning services and can help you identify refund and credit opportunities. Experience how our insight can help you:
• Develop federal and state tax strategies designed to help lower or defer taxes
• Anticipate and resolve controversies with taxing authorities
• Select a “tax-aware” organizational structure that matches your strategic plan
• Identify potential refund opportunities through reverse sales tax audits and sales and property tax reviews
• Leverage incentive programs, including tax credits and reimbursements such as Section 179D
• Conduct real estate cost segregation studies to generate significant cash flow potential
• Seek tax credits for research and development work

Audit & Assurance

Financial statements have benefits far beyond their immediate function. BKD can provide an objective assessment of your financial statements to deliver usable data as well as the insight needed to help improve your business. Experience the benefits of BKD’s audit and assurance services, including:
• Audits and reviews
• Internal audits and operational reviews
• Overhead audits in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation
• Corporate governance, internal controls and operational reviews (see two bullet points above)

Strategic Planning

Achieving success in an ever-changing world, breaking through to the next level and successfully transitioning the reins of leadership require unique skills. Our insight comes from working with many clients who have faced the same challenges.

We can help:
• Facilitate strategic planning that examines the competition, assesses strengths and weaknesses, identifies opportunities and threats and develops strategic alternatives to reach goals
• Prepare a business plan to implement your strategic plan
• Develop a capital financing plan for major projects, working capital, startup costs, acquisitions and new product development
• Evaluate various financing alternatives
• Negotiate financing terms and assess bonding company alternatives

When the time comes our transaction service team can help you grow your business through strategic acquisitions to gain market share or obtain the specific skillset your firm needs to expand. We can also help you get your business ready for sale, perform sell-side due diligence services and even broker the sale of the business to help you reach your personal goals.

International Expansion

As your company pursues innovation and stretches its boundaries, BKD can help you compete successfully while complying with international tax rules. Experience the guidance BKD can offer in these areas:
• Tax organization structure
Transfer pricing:    Domestic and international
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Human Capital

Focusing on training and retaining skilled employees is critical to your organization’s success. BKD can help your company in its efforts to maintain a quality workforce and improve job performance. We can assist you with:
• Incentive compensation
• Qualified and nonqualified employee benefit plans
• Regulatory compliance
Employee stock ownership plans

Tim Wilson

National Industry Partner

John Steffes


John Kmetz



“We rely on BKD’s technical expertise for audit and tax services, and I feel confident in their advisors’ ability to alert us about issues on the horizon that may affect our engineering business. The BKD team is responsive, and the partners go out of their way to help. BKD invested the time necessary to understand Terracon and used the knowledge they gained to better serve our firm.

I appreciate BKD’s ongoing communication with our company, not only during audit and tax time, but throughout the year. When needs arise, BKD responds to our calls and offers immediate assistance. In one instance, we needed to present a balance sheet on a critical deadline. BKD team members went out of their way to help us compile accurate financial information in a timely manner.”

— David R. Gaboury, Chief Executive Officer
Olathe, Kansas

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