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BKD National Construction & Real Estate Group has the necessary knowledge in bonding, financing, tax planning and financial management to help your firm. Our experts work with companies to help improve their bottom line and increase cash flow.

Construction companies can benefit from our wide range of offerings, including tax services, succession planning, strategic planning, valuations and risk management. Our advisors can help your business improve performance, gain control over internal finances and overcome challenges to help meet your strategic goals.

We also work with real estate investors, commercial and residential developers, brokers, agencies and property owner associations. Our real estate team has expertise in cost segregation services, operations improvement, contracts and negotiations, tax credits, financing and internal controls.

In addition, our advisors can assist architecture and engineering firms in implementing critical strategies and developing tax solutions that align with your long-range plans. From audits and corporate governance to strategic planning and human capital issues, we can help you meet your goals.

Construction & Real Estate Thoughtware

Performance Contracting Group

“As an employee owned specialty contractor, we know the importance of understanding and responding to the unique needs of our customers. BKD has taken the time to learn our company and our business, and provides us with the expertise and personal attention that gives added value to their core services. Their knowledge and experience of ESOPs as well as the construction industry provides us with realistic approaches to complicated problems.”

— Dan Hefferon, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Performance Contracting Group
Lenexa, Kansas

Scott & Ritter Inc.

"When we first started in business, I felt that BKD was an overkill for our needs and too expensive. Over the years, as we and our needs have grown, the firm has become an invaluable member of our team.

The business has now bloomed and is diversifying and with BKD’s coaching, there are several side line businesses that are starting their growth. Even in the estate planning and financial end of personal life, these guys have played a major role. Looking back, it has been a great relationship and I anticipate that if our doors ever close, some of their staff will be the last ones out.

— Larkin Ritter, President
Scott & Ritter Inc.
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Scotty’s Contracting & Stone, LLC

“We are a heavy highway construction firm that is owned by one of the largest ESOP companies in North America. As such, we need access to specific expertise in two of the more highly specialized areas. With BKD, we have a single source for both areas. BKD provides us in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and also provides support, insight and guidance from the ESOP perspective. BKD’s expertise is highlighted by their knowledgeable, realistic and accessible staff. We are pleased to have BKD as one of our business partners.”

— Rod England, Chief Executive Officer
Scotty’s Contracting & Stone, LLC
Bowling Green, Kentucky

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