Born from the World War II aircraft industry of the mid-1940s, Kansas-based Vornado has leveraged its engineering ingenuity and performance excellence to grow into a domestic and international leader in air flow technology.

As Vornado has grown, so has its accounting needs. Frustrated by prolonged audits and increasing costs, Vornado began searching for a firm that shared its value for accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. BKD fit the bill, and the advantages were quickly evident. Vornado CFO Cole Hoppock says BKD immediately suggested an accounting method change that saved the company more than enough money to cover the cost of the audit and tax work. Plus, the audit was completed more quickly than in prior years.

Hoppock says Vornado hasn’t looked back since switching to BKD. In addition to helping Vornado claim new tax credits, BKD’s Big Data & Analytics benchmarking services also has provided valuable information for developing the company’s growth strategy.

Hoppock says his job isn’t to know every last change in the tax code. Fortunately, BKD’s tax and advisory expertise has helped him focus on what’s most important:  his company’s business.

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