Baker Concrete Construction

From its first residential contracts in 1968, Baker Concrete Construction has grown into an industry leader with regional offices across the country, performing all types of cast-in-place concrete in virtually every market segment imaginable.

In 48 years of business, Baker has worked with various accounting firms but none with a construction-focused team like BKD. This often became a problem during the audit process when Baker found it necessary to explain what it did and how its business worked. The switch to BKD—a national CPA and advisory firm with a dedicated industry focus in construction—made all the difference in the audit experience. Baker founder and CEO Dan Baker says he’s pleased to work with professionals who understand his world.

Baker also engaged BKD Big Data & Analytics services to help measure itself against competitors. CFO Norm Fornella says those insights were crucial to helping Baker plan for growth. It’s just another example of the transparency and teamwork that Baker has come to expect from BKD.

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