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Our New Online Client Portal

With audit and other financial engagements, organizations spend a significant amount of time preparing schedules, gathering documents, collecting reports and reconciliations and responding to questionnaires. At BKD, we understand that in today’s fastpaced business environment, it’s about doing more with less—and effective teamwork is one way organizations can reduce the time spent on gathering and preparing this information.

That’s why we’ve developed BKDconnect, an innovative client portal designed to help your team manage these processes and connect with BKD advisors. BKDconnect helps you meet the unique challenges financial engagements present. And we’re confident that you’ll appreciate all it has to offer, because we built it with the help of our clients.

Here’s how it works. Before the start of your engagement, we post our questionnaires and other related documents on a BKDconnect website, prepared specifically for your organization, where all of our requests can be reviewed and completed.

A Simple Process

BKDconnect makes it easier to:

In short, BKDconnect improves communication, saves time, limits disruptions and keeps you connected to your trusted BKD advisors.

To learn more about BKDconnect, contact your BKD advisor.

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